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Google Maps and Google Calendar Integrates For Your Google Events and Better Time Management

Google Maps
Google Maps Recent Update Shows Where Next Calendar Appointment Is

Google has unveiled the latest update to Google Maps, integrating with Google Calendar. This feature is rolling out to all users throughout the world. So don’t get surprised when you came across with this update. This new features for the Android users will get a start, and you can find the Google Calendar events on Google Maps.

The events will appear on Google Maps once the address updated in ‘Where’ box of the Google Calendar Event. The another requirement for getting results correctly is, you have to sign in the both Google Calendar and Google Maps with the same account.

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In addition to these points on maps, the user will able to see the list of upcoming events.  You can view all the places of your calendar, by opening the sidebar menu in Google Maps. You can hide events from the map by tapping on them and hit on dismiss.

One more thing, Google Maps is having new personal content manager near the settings tab in the side menu. Just turn off it for the things which you don’t want to get on the maps.

As per update, one of the spokesperson got in touch to clarify that Google is also planning to include this thing in the existing integrations of Google Maps in Gmail and Google Contacts. Currently Confirmation of emails for the hotel, flight or restaurant reservations have already shown up on the maps. These bookings now also treated as the “Events” and now shown in an upcoming tab in your places.

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You can find all of your family members, friends, and coworkers live by just typing their name in the Google contacts. The addresses will show on the Maps. Don’t worry these aren’t real time updates.

It is happy to see the integration and have to wait for the rolling out of the update.

Speed Limits Feature on Google Maps Navigation 

Speed Limits Feature on Google Maps Navigation 

“Are you ever pulled over for exceeding the speed limit ?” , if so here is a feature on Google Maps where it displays the Speed Limits. This is a new feature on Google Maps during navigation. You can put down your speed in some areas. In countries where the speed limit is countable and enforceable by law and mandate to respect rule, this feature might help you out.

This was revealed when a Reddit user spotted about the Speed Limit. Some of the users had reported the speed limits appearing on using Google Navigation. This feature shows that Google Maps might have updated after a long while. This feature was not enabled to all the users, but we guess this would roll out slowly.

This updated feature on Google Maps Application displays the speed limits of the current area at the bottom to the left corner, just above the route information.

Google Maps Updated With Cleaner Look and ‘Areas of Interest’ Feature

The unclear thing is that “Will it display the speed limits boards of the road ? or Will it warn the driver to slow down the pace in some areas ? ”. Earlier this was available with Waze App. It’s nice to see Google Maps has incorporated this feature for people who don’t use Waze App.

Let us see when this ‘Speed Limit’ feature hits our androids who use Google Maps for navigation.

Google Launches a New 3D Imagery Game App, Verne: The Himalayas

Verne The Himalayas

Google released new 3D imagery Android app known as Verne The Himalayas. By using this app, kids get to explore the world using maps. Google is adding 3D imagery from all over the world for many years. This new app enables users can even explore far away to any locations by just clicking a button.

Taking the idea further, Google turned this 3D imagery app to interactive educational playgrounds. The app ‘Verne The Himalayas’ has a giant 500 foot Yeti, Verne.  Yeti can move around, go for skating, climb up to the top of Mt Everest and ride a jet-pack, chase yaks and much more.

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The app has the either way too, and it educates kids about the facts with a disembodied voice. For example, “The Himalayas are the tallest mountain range in the world.” The app is a combination of a typical mobile game and 3D map. Players can explore as they like, there is no fixed path.

3D imagery Android app

Players come across traditional Tibetan trumpet can play a tune, and an umbrella lets fly high to get a bird’s- eye view. The app also enables to zoom into a Google street view to have a closer look at the scenery.  “Our idea became a new, experimental app called Verne The Himalayas. It invites you to explore the Himalayas as a 500-foot Yeti named Verne.

You can run up Mt. Everest, chase yaks, discover bits of information, ride a jet-pack, play Himalayan instruments, and more. We’re excited to share it today as a fun way for anyone to take a summer trip to the tallest mountain range in the world.” Said, Google Spokesperson.

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Though this app might not be a full-fledged history lesson for kids, it will be a great experience to learn about the region. The app is available for free exclusively on Google playstore and also can Download here

Additional Information on Verne The Himalayas

Compatibility: Requires Android 4.4 and above

Version: v1.0.0

Size: 213 MB

Google Maps Updated With Cleaner Look and ‘Areas of Interest’ Feature

Google Maps Update

Google Maps Updated: with a clean look feature “Area of Interest”

The latest Google Maps Update makes easier to find things around you. Google now rolls out a new user-friendly design of its Maps which gives a clearer view of the streets or locations.

And a new feature “Areas of interest” is also added in this update which allows you to locate the interesting places where a lot of excited activities are done. The Google Maps free update is rolling out today to all the Desktop, iOS, and Android users.

The search giant, Google aims at highlighting the necessary information on the Maps without overcrowding, and the company claims that it is an act of balancing. So, the update involved in the removal of the unnecessary elements like the road outlines and the result of this is cleaner view.

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Google Map Update Adds 'Areas of Interest' feature

According to the blog post, this bright look makes it easier to see the useful information like traffic and transit.

“And we’ve improved the typography of street names, points of interest, transit stations, and more to make them more distinguishable from other things on the map, helping you navigate the world with fewer distractions,” added in Blog post.

Well, the ‘areas of interest’ feature allow users to check out the busiest places on the map. You can identify such areas with the colour yes; the routes highlighted in orange colour are areas of interest. You can zoom into the orange lanes to get more information about the area.

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To make a differentiation between the natural features and human-made features, Google Maps Update introduced a subtle colour scheme. So, with the colours, you can quickly identify the places like hospitals, schools, parks, highways, grounds and water on the map.

This update makes it simpler and easy to focus on the relevant information with no mess.  Check out the colour code listed in the above image.