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Now Book Your Uber Ride from Google Maps

Uber Ride from Google Maps

Google maps have updated ride services in its app. Now users can book the Uber ride from Google maps directly without leaving the app. All the users of android and ios can book their ride services through maps.

To book a ride through cab hailing services, you must have to install the app and choose your destination, and then your ride will be booked. But now with this update, you can directly have Uber Ride from Google Maps

Google has integrated with uber, so you don’t need a uber app to have a ride. By signing into your Google maps accounts, you can have a ride.

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To book a ride, first you have to go to the Google maps, and there you have to type your destination. Then on bottom right, you can see the car navigation symbol, then tap on it

At the top, you can see your current location, below that you can see four symbols, car navigation, public transport, walking and ride services. By clicking on ride services, you can view the cab drivers who are near at your location.

Under those options, you can see uberX and POOL so that you can choose the option according to your convenience. After booking, Google Maps will ask you to ‘sign in’ into the account and then you have to pay the cab fare through any banks or paytm

Google Maps adds on one-tap shortcut to view traffic around you

After the booking is completed, you can see the details like driver name, vehicle type, registration number etc. You can see two options like call and cancel. By call button, you can call to the driver, in case you want to cancel the cab, then click on cancel button

As an extra topping, Google is providing Rs 50 discount for users who booked Uber from Google maps app.

Google Maps now Provides Real-Time Data About How Crowded Place Are?

Google Maps New Feature Helps you Avoid Crowded Places

Over the years, Google maps have evolved a long way and gained huge user base. It does provide information about the place along with transit information in real-time. The ability to navigate to the destination along with estimated time accredits for daily usage. Now, Google app update its ‘Popular times’ feature with real time data to the popularity of the place right now.

New Google map update lets you know the traffic of the place at present. You can simply select the place in the Google Maps search bar and it suggests you how crowded it is at the moment. You can choose the one if there are more than one outlets of the same place. “Live” tag in the Popular Times feature will let you know the present crowd status at the place.

GoogleMaps New Feature Helps you Avoid Crowded Places

“Since introducing the Popular Times feature in Google Search and Maps last year, you’ve been able to check how busy a place typically is at different times of the week. Just in time for the Black Friday swarms, we’re adding a real-time look at how crowded a place is right now, to help you decide where and when to go,” says Jamie Aspinall, Product manager at Google, in a blog post.

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Another time managing element in this Popular Times feature is, you can also know the usual time people spend at that particular place. You can help feature to improve the function by sending feedback if you have already been there earlier.

The feature is currently unavailable for the latest Search and Indian version of Google Maps app. Popular times feature may soon roll out to Google maps and then to Search users across the world.

Another latest feature is detailed service hours is now on Google Maps. This feature provides details about the business hours of restaurants, business places, stores, etc.

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Now Google Search Engine Tool Will ‘Find An ATM Near You’

Google Will Find an ATM Near You Via Google.co.in for Amid Cash Crunch

After the bold decision of PM Modi on demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on 8th November 2016, the face of India changed completely. Even the banks are working continuously on the weekends for taking deposits and money exchange. The Common people was facing struggles to get currency notes for daily usages.

Having trouble with cash due on the ban of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes? Don’t worry, try this Google search tool Google.co.in will guide to Find an ATM Near You.

Google search option has come up with the new feature.

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If you opened Google Search on google.co.in, you can find one link Find an ATM Near You. By clicking this link, Google Maps will open, and it will use your location data to show you all the ATMs in your locality.

The Find an ATM Near You option in Google, is available on both desktop and mobile devices, but the main drawback in this feature is it doesn’t show if the ATM has cash or not. However, there are some other tools and apps are coming to track working ATMs near you. The apps like Walnut, CashnoCash, atmsearch.in, and web portal ATM Finder helps to provide information on ATMs around you that are still distributing cash.

Now Google Search ‘Find An ATM Near You’ will help you to provide the information of ATMs near you. The cash crux and long queues outside ATMs and banks became a headache for people and facing troubles for getting liquid cash for daily usages.

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Google Search can now Make the Bookings for Ola and Uber

Google Search can now Make the Bookings for Ola and Uber

The latest feature will facilitate the users to book their cabs for the rides through Google search. Unlike previous method of downloading the app only through mobile has been enhanced now for the Google browser too. Both Uber and Ola cabs now can be booked through Google Search.

The latest integration facilitates the users to choose options like service ride and directions directly from Google search app or through search browser. Google Maps has by default giving the fetching options for the users through ride sharing tab at the top. Through this tab one can book the ride.

One more clear advantage with this is that Ola and Uber fares along with the estimated distances can be known. If a car is available nearby then the pickup time also can be known directly through Google search app or browser.

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Directly from the source to destination can be entered in Google maps search for a taxi pick up. Ola or the Uber from source to destination, when mentioned by the user will automatically open the tab and book the ride.

If the app is not installed, a direct link will also be directly provided to do so. Program Manager at Google, Sanket Gupta said that Choosing the best transit option can be a tough task sometimes. Ola and Uber direct booking from Google Search aims to help users simplify their everyday travel. With this, users will be able to order, explore and make quick comparisons among the best taxi fare estimates directly from Google Search results provided on the mobile.

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Hence the cabs are made more closer for easy rides through easy bookings and through easy methods. Everything is made easy by Ola and Uber companies by the inclusion of their apps in the Google maps and Google search as well.

Google Maps adds on one-tap shortcut to view traffic around you

Google Maps adds on one-tap shortcut to view traffic around you

Exploring a new place is made easier than we can even imagine with Google Maps. It’s been long since Google had replaced handmade maps and radio shows for traffic. Now, an updated Google Maps for Android make it easier with a new handy home screen shortcut to locate the state of traffic near you in real time.

The new ‘traffic nearby’ feature is built to make Google Maps more efficient to drivers based on the company’s previous attempt. The feature gives you an idea about the crowded roads around your present location. This helps you to take the less traffic road when you’re planning to go somewhere.

There is no need of entering a destination or engaging “Driving mode” first, which indicates you about the road condition before you get stuck somewhere.

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Access to the ‘Traffic nearby’ screen is simple with just a tap after adding the shortcut icon to your home screen. You can find Maps in your launcher’s widget library and place the Maps icon wherever you wish to.

The recent hands-free support feature is also a part of Google’s efforts to make Maps much helpful for the drivers. You could use voice commands to find locations by the hands-free support and also to learn about the weather and to mark multiple waypoints on a single trip.

‘Traffic nearby’ feature isn’t available on iOS at the moment and will be rolled out soon.