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Google Is Now Integrated with iMessages; You Can Search on Google and Share without Leaving iMessage

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Google has launched its new app on the iOS Store an app that gives users the control to do Google Search and Google Share within the iMessages app itself. This new Google extension allows you to search and share within iMessages. You can perform Google search and open it without even switching to Safari or any other Google browser. This extension will allow you to use Google inside iMessages, which is like a perk for iOS users.

This Google extension can do so much more than what you think. You can just randomly search and send the location of the place with just a tap while chatting on iMessages. For example, if you are planning to grab a bite with a friend, you can quickly search for restaurants near you and send the location of the same to your friend within iMessages itself. iOS users are excited after this update and this app is going viral among iPhone users.

The most amazing thing is “GIF” Search. There is a small button on right top indicating GIF search, which allows you to do Google search inside iMessages app. This is really cool, but this GIF button on the top right opens up Google Search with a Share Button and options and details like phone number, Location etc. The Share button is present at the bottom left and if you click on the share button it automatically sends the same Google search query to the person you are talking to on the chat in iMessage App. So far, this is the best update Google has given to iPhone users and people just love it. Make sure you check out this new app by Google if you have an iPhone.