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Truecaller video calling feature to be launched in collaboration with Google Duo

Truecaller video calling feature

Truecaller has a decent user base in India for its functions like filtering the spam calls and providing caller info. In a recent couple of years, WhatsApp emerged as an alternative for Skype video calling. Now, Truecaller is planning to launch video calling on its platform. However, there are few apps like Viber and Google Duo which provides good video calling functions.

But, they remained unknown to many of the users and failed to grab user attention as WhatsApp do. The fact is that even a person who hardly uses functions of a smartphone is aware of the WhatsApp.

Never the less, Truecaller can be noted as one of the better-known apps in India. In a move to expand its services, this spam detector is planning to launch Truecaller video calling. The company has partnered with Google Duo which already has experimented to increase its user base though TV and social media adverts. Google Duo has user base only compiling techies, and other net savvies.

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This collaboration with Google Duo for Truecaller video calling feature brings benefits of advanced Google video calling features. On the other hand, truecaller can save a lot on the infrastructure cost which leads to winning for both Truecaller and Google.

Unlike WhatsApp, truecaller can still perform spam detection duties and offer video calling via Google Duo. A  Google Duo video call icon will appear on the Truecaller app. Users can initiate Truecaller video calling by just a click. Though this is not integration, users need to have both the apps installed on the phone to experience video calling.

This Truecaller video calling feature targets to take on WhatsApp with Google vast technology. It will be more interesting to see how this Truecaller video calling feature will catch Indian users.

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Google has Released Duo Update with Enhanced Video Quality

Google Duo Update Gets Some Major Improvements in Video Quality

Google has launched its chartbuster apps Duo and Allo back in August this year. Duo has gained massive user base with over 10 million downloads from the Google Play since its launch. But the fact is that the app has failed to attract users with considerable engagement when compared to other video-calling apps.

Now, the company has come up with the Google Duo v5.0 update to fill the gap. Google claims the new update has improved the video quality of the app which is available on iOS platform.

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The Google Duo 5.0 update is now available and gets major improvements in the video quality in the app. “We’re putting massive energy behind Duo media quality. Developing and improving algorithms takes time, but lots of stuff in the pipeline.” Justin Uberti, Google Duo’s Technical Lead mentioned in a tweet.

As per the details revealed in the tweet by Justin Uberti, The latest update brings a seamless camera rotation, simpler signup flow and fixing the issue where the sound was not being played. Uberti said that good results were observed in the user testing with the update. He also posted a graph to showing the positive trend in user experience with the app.

This video calling app from Google considered as the right substitute to hangouts. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has recently launched the video calling feature. Lag-free video and break free audio are the present need for the users. Google is trying to deliver just that with the new Google Duo Update.

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The company has made the Duo 5.0 update available on iOS App Store as of now and will be rolled out on Google Play soon. Hopefully, the new Google Duo update provides a better video quality and lure more people into using Google Duo.

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Duo is Replacing Hangouts from its List of Preinstalled Apps

Google Duo

Are you confused about what’s replacing Hangouts? Well, it is Google Duo. Allo may be the future of Google Messaging efforts, but it is Duo which replaces Hangouts as one of the pre-installed apps on the future Android phones.

In an email sent out to Google Mobile Service Partners on 5th October, the company explained that Hangouts is moving to optional status in the Google Apps package for Android beginning from 1st December. As per the message details, Google is dropping out Hangouts, and that may bundle for upcoming mobiles.

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“Today, we are announcing that Google Duo will replace Hangouts within the suite of core GMS apps, and Hangouts will become GMS Optional for telephony products. This change will take effect on December 1, 2016”.

It looks like Google is focusing towards other solutions. Allo and Hangouts are the core messaging apps while Duo used for video calling. It should be noted that Hangouts is not completely dead, but it is unbundled from mandatory Google apps package.

If you want to continue this application on your Android phone, you need to head to the PlayStore and download. Hangouts will be an optional pre-installed app. And this means users can ship it with their devices, but most probably, won’t.

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While the Duo application comes as a preinstalled app on every single Android device released after 1st December.

It is expected that at some point of time. Allo will also get similar treatment since the company faces stiff competition from the rival messaging apps like Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp. Therefore, Allo not a part of pre-installed apps list.