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Google to kill Docs, Slides, Sheets older version apps

Google to kill Docs,

Google announced that it would shut down the older versions of many of its Drive apps or G Suite apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and Google Drive. That means all the Older version apps will no longer available on Android and iOS devices starting from 3rd April 2017.

The company will notify the users who are currently using an older version and have to update to the newer versions which start from 1st March 2017. People can find the entire list of Older version apps that Google will kill on 3rd April which is as follows.

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For Android devices

  • Google Drive for Android (before version 2.4.311)
  • Google Docs for Android (before version 1.6.292)
  • Google Sheets for Android (before version 1.6.292)
  • Google Slides for Android (before version 1.6.292)

For iOS devices

  • Google Drive for iOS (before version 4.16)
  • Google Docs for iOS (before version 1.2016.12204)
  • Google Sheets for iOS (before version 1.2016.12208)
  • Google Slides for iOS (before version 1.2016.12203)

“If you are using any of these unsupported versions, we encourage you to download and install the latest version of that mobile application. Note that similar Web and desktop applications will not be affected by this change,” Google explains in its post.

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Hence those who are using any of these Older version apps, have to upgrade to the newer versions in the settings menu. However, many users prefer older versions for various reasons like hardware issues, play services and much more. As Google pulling out the versions from 3rd April 2017, users need to update their apps to modern versions.

Google Drive Now Allows You to Search Like You Talk 

You search like you talk in Google Drive

Have you ever got frustrated in searching for the document you are looking for on drive?

Are you the user of the Google Drive? Then with the recent changes in the drive, you can search for the documents by typing the query in the search like with your natural language. I things you have gone through the GIF image posted along with this article.

Google now has updated the file backup service and the Cloud Storage which lets for the Natural Language Processing which is known as NLP, said on the Google Official Blog on Tuesday.

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For example, you can throw a question like “Find the expenses spreadsheet from the last November” or in the similar way you can search for the file which you are looking for. As you remember the things, you keep searching like “Where can I find the nearby restaurants for Pizza” on the Google on your phone or laptop.

Google Drive

For the quick understanding, you can refer the GIF posted, and you will easily come to the conclusion how the specific searches are done and how to google responds in showing the results.

Apart from this, the drive is also included with the auto-correct feature, which helps in suggesting the words which are misspelled. It also has the ability to split a document into multiple columns easily.

Based on the users feedback requests, Google Docs is improved with few changes. The user can able to split the document into the multiple columns by selecting either the new columns option from the Format Menu.

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Now the Google Docs will also automatically save the copy of the non-Google file when you open or edit or convert the Google Docs, Sheets or slides in their original format. You can check the changes in the “Revision History” Menu.

The Google Drive team says “Drive NLP will get better with each query — so keep on searching. This feature will be in Live gradually and starts rolling out, will be available throughout the world.”

Google Announces Eight Android Add-ons for Docs And Sheets

Google Brings Android Add-ons To Doc And Sheets For Productivity.

Is working on your mobile a difficult task? Not anymore as Google today announced new add-ons to docs and sheets for Android which makes it easy to work with office programs on your android device. These add-ons add an extra functionality to Docs and sheets integrated with third-party apps.

The search giant says that it has worked with eight app developers to launch the new set of add-ons for Docs and Slides on Android. Now, Google’s mobile office tools have add-ons – DocuSign, ProsperWorks, Scanbot, PandaDoc, TeacherAide, EasyBib, AppSheet and ZohoCRM. Let me explain you the use of DocuSign- this allows you to complete a signing process in Docs and Sheets. ProsperWorks lets you easily pull the CRM data into Google sheets.

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“Whether it’s readying a contract you have for e-signature from your phone, or pulling in CRM data on your tablet for some quick analysis while waiting for your morning coffee, Android add-ons can help you accomplish more,” notes Google blog post.

AppSheet, another add-on allows you to create mobile apps from data in Sheets and Scanbot allow you to scan business documents using OCR (Optical character recognition) and other advantage is you can insert the content into the Google Docs as editable text. In addition Google has introduced its add-on for Classroom, its educational platform. According to the reports, Google would soon bring these add-ons to iOS devices if the demand is high enough.