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Google awards $10,000 to the student studying high school for finding a bug

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Search Engine Giant Google has rewarded a Uruguayan High School student  with prize of $10,000 for finding a security bug which hackers use to get access to the sensitive data.

Boredom in school students is quite common, but who thought that boredom could bring a reward.  Ezequiel Pereira, a boy, studying in high school wrote in a blog that once he was bored and so he tried finding a bug in Google. After many failed attempts he founded a web page which required no username or any other details to access.  However, he has no idea that he would be rewarded for his finding.

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The blog stated,” the web page has many links to the different section about Google services and framework, but before I visited any of the section, I read something in the footer; which says Google Confidential, Pereira mentioned in his blog in July. Later I reported the bug right away without any delay. He also added that Google security team acknowledged him that we are looking in to the issue.

Pereira thought that this is a small thing that isn’t very important, the website has probably had technical stuff regarding Google servers and nothing much.

He is not sure what the site did contain, but a few weeks later I got a mail saying that my report was worth much more than a dime. Google then rewarded the prize money for finding the bug. As a part of Google’s Vulnerability Reward Programme (VRP), Google increases the bounty up to $2, 00,000 to people who pin point bugs for them.

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