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Google Allo, the Tough Rival of Whatsapp Launched : Check out the Features

Google Allo - the smart app

Google Allo goes live

Google’s most awaiting application Google Allo has finally hit the Google Play Store for the Android Users.

During the Google I/O event, the tech giant has announced two new messaging applications Google Duo and Google Allo.  Duo already went live on the Google play store for Android Users and iOS store for Apple users.

After the release of Duo, got impressed with the video calling App the users are eagerly waiting for the launch of Allo.

Google Allo set the plans to release the application on September 21, 2016. As per the release date, the app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. The users must have to check out this cool application.

Google’s new is built up with cool and  smart features which will thrill the users while using. Some say that Allo is the best competitor for the Instant Messaging Application Whatsapp.

We have to wait and see whether it will surpass and survive Whatsapp’s craze and Huge user base.

How to install Google Allo :

1. Go to Google Play Store
2. Search for the Google Allo or Visit this link

Steps to Sign up with the Google Allo:

1. Install the Allo
2. Open the Application
3. Sign up with your phone number.
4. That’s It! You are now on Google Allo.
5. Voila ! Time to Explore the cool things.

Best things you can experience

• Smart Reply
• Ink
• Stickers
• SHOUT or whisper
• Meet your personal Google Assistant
• Incognito mode

Smart Reply

One can respond to the chats without even typing the single word. The smart reply is going to be the best feature in the messaging service history. This is going to be the game changer. You’re going to feel excited while doing the chats.


You can make send the photos by making them creative with the doodles on them. You can even add the text.

A lot of perfect stickers are available on the Allo. You can download the new collection which is available by the independent artists across the world.

SHOUT or whisper

Time to change the things saying the words in ALL CAPS to reach out your point. With the help of you can say it louder or quitter by changing the size of your text with the quick swipe on the send button.

Meet your personal Google Assistant

This is another F***ing awesome feature while using the chats; This is going to help you out in several ways. Whatever you are going to ask the Google Assistant, it will reply with the prior and appropriate answers. You can get restaurants nearby, share videos to watch and get answers, right in your conversation with friends.

Incognito mode 

For the first time, now you can do the incognito chat. In the earlier, you might have come across with the private messaging or other, but now you will be experienced with the privacy and security seriously in the Allo.

The above are the features in the Allo and currently the Google Allo ios version is not available for download. The users have to wait for some more time to get Allo on App Store. Android users can download the Google Allo apk for the offline installation, although this is not advisable, the users who could not be able to download from the Google Play Store.

Users Can Delete Messages In All Chat History, Unlike Hangouts. Sticker Packs are also available

Google Hangouts

Have you ever thought of deleting the personal messages in the Google Hangouts?  Now you don’t have to worry on this, As Google announced about their latest messaging application Allo, in the last Google I/O event. Allo allows the users to delete the chats.

This is the one more way with Allo is; you can delete the chats received or sent by you, and you can delete that unwanted funny which you don’t want to stay in your chat’s history. As per the sources and from the screenshots obtained from the preview version of Allo, it looks like the users can able to select any messages and simply tap the delete the chats.

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After selecting the threads, the top bar switches to show forward, share, copy and delete options, which reminds me lot about WhatsApp.

Google Hangouts 1 Google Hangouts 2 Google Hangouts

You can view the screenshots attached above, how the chats are deleted in the threads of Allo. In this scenario the user selects the chat with the “message 3” and later it is deleted. The selected chat gets deleted once the user hits the delete.

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The deleted chat gets disappears from the chat history. The users have to keep in mind that, the deleted messages will only disappear from the device/ account, but they will still there on the end user phone/ recipient phone.

So if you want to delete the sent message or an image, the only way is to delete the entire chat in your account.

Check out the hilarious stickers packs available on Google Allo.

Google Hangouts 5 Google Hangouts 4

Google Hangouts 3

Allo is getting some hilarious sticker packs the users in their application. There is a sneak peak of the available stickers in the Google Allo. Allo has the sticker packs like Condoms, butts, nipples and others, which will boost usage of the chats.

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Stickers are the best and easiest way to convey the feelings and emotions in a short span of time than the words. Nowadays chats without the emojis, stickers and other gif based are getting popular, Allo has made one step forward with some exciting sticker packs which will easily redirect the users to use this app.

Let us see how far this will work out in the Google’s Allo application.