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Friendship Day 2017: Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Friendship Day 2017 Gift Ideas

Friendship Day 2017

“Walking with a Friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

Friends are the part of life, no human can ever live happily on this planet without a friend, would you? Come on don’t tell me that you can. Mother, father or any family member may be a good friend of you. Here We are provided with Friendship Day 2016 Gift Ideas for your best friend.

Yes, it’s not just our chubby buddies, school, or college friends, we often find many friends who support us, and make us feel that everything sounds perfect them. So, how about celebrating this Friendship Day with each and every friend who made our life colourful?

friendship day

Friendship Day 2016 Gift Ideas

I have already planned my day and bought lots of gifts to surprise my buddies. Now it’s your turn to plan the day. I know that most of you are excited about Friendship day celebrations and have already planned a day out with the gang, but I’m pretty sure that most of you are stuck selecting gifts for Friendship Day.  Don’t worry; our team has put efforts to list out few awesome and unexpected Friendship Day Gift Ideas.

International Friendship Day is dedicated to express all your love and friendship to your beloved friends. Most of the countries celebrate Friendship Day on first Sunday of August every year. In the Unites States the World Friendship Day is celebrated on June 30, in Brazil and Argentina, it is marked on July 20. Friendship Day 2016 celebrates on 7th August in India. Always remember that “if you never had friends, you never lived life.”

10 Innovative Friendship Day 2017 Gift Ideas for your bestie

Personalised Phone Case:

The best gift for your friend on the occasion of friendship day is a personalised phone case. A specially designed phone case will be a perfect gift for your friend.


You can also plan for jewellery, like a stylish pendant or a simple ring. Girls love pendants and rings, so how about impressing your friend with the same. You will find best deals on jewellery for friendship day.

Chocolates and Sweets:

This friendship day you can gift a yummy and delicious chocolate or sweets box. You can also decorate a basket can put down your friend’s favourite chocolates or candies in the basket.


Spread your friendship and love with the fragrance of the perfume. This friendship day gift a beautifully wrapped perfume bottle to strengthen your bond.


Make some time to buy an affordable branded watch for your friend. Write a beautiful card, put it in the watch box and gift it to your friend on this special friendship day.

Bag/ Wallet:

How about a bag or wallet to your friend on Friendship day? If your friend loves tote bags you can get one for her, if it is a boy you can gift a wallet. You can choose a sporty, classy or luxury watches within your budget.


Does your friend like shopping? If so, discount coupons or vouchers in their favourite store will be a perfect gift on this friendship day.


Books are the perfect partners, so you gift an excellent and exciting book which is usually not expected on this day.

Designed Mugs:

A variety of designed personalised mugs is available in online or at a retail shop. You can get one as a gift for your friend on Friendship Day.

Bunch of Flowers:

A bunch of flowers can make this day lovely and rememberable with a card attached. Express all your friendship with beautiful roses or lavender tulips.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. What gift are you planning to give your partner? Not getting any ideas, then check out this Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend or girl friend. Not only for them, for your friends, parents you can pick any gift to present on this day.

We all know on February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day on the name of St’ Valentine. He sacrificed his life to protect the love, so on his death day as reminiscence, we are celebrating this day.

Valentine’s Week 2017: Dates, Days, Schedule

On this day, people express their love to each other. As a habit, they will exchange gifts on this day. So check this Valentine’s Day gift ideas. You can find the best Feb 14 gift ideas. If you are proposing on this day, then pick one valentine’s gifts and present it to your girl.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Couple watches

It is the best gift to give your partner. You and your partner can wear the same watches, and it looks so cute

Chocolates Rose Bouquet

 A bunch of roses and chocolates are the perfect gift for the Valentine’s Day. Your girl will definitely fall for this gift

A day in the amusement park

 Plan a day in the amusement park with your partner. Share your happy moments with him/her on this day

Fireworks show

On this pleasant night arrange some crackers show. You can see the sparkle of lights in your partner’s eyes during the show.

Teddy bear with cake

Present a cute teddy bear to your partner which is very soft like you. Without a delicious cake that day is incomplete, so gift a yummy cake.

Couple t-shirts

 It is also one of the best gifts to give. You and your partner can wear the same t-shirt. Then you look like made for each other

Couple Slam book

 In this slam book you can write all your memories with your partner like your first date, proposal date. You can also paste photographs and gift them

Beautiful letter with your handwriting

 It is best and cute gift to your partner. It looks simple, but it worth’s more than gold and diamonds. Express all your feelings on a letter and present to your partner. I promise they will keep it safely until their last breath

Little puppies

 This is also one of the cutest gifts to gift your partner. So choose one adorable puppy and give it to your girlfriend or boyfriend

Love pillow

 Gift them a love shaped pillow to remember you every night. Pillow is one of our best friend in our life, so gift a warm pillow.

10 Affordable Diwali Gift Ideas

Do you have plans to surprise your beloved ones on this Diwali? Then check out these Diwali gift ideas. We have picked some best gift ideas which are suitable according to your taste.

Diwali means festival of lights. It is also known as Deepavali which is celebrated in almost all parts of India. Diwali is one of the major festivals in the country. In some places it is considered as the Hindu New Year.

We celebrate this festival on occasion of Narakusara death. He is a demon who troubled all the people. Finally, Satya Bhama, the wife of Sri Krishna has killed him. So on that day onwards we have a tradition of celebrating festival.

Reliance Digital TV Announces Diwali offers with Free HD Channels till Oct 30

Diwali is the good beginning. So, many people have the habit of exchanging gifts on this day. The gift is one of the memorable things. If you want to cherish your memories with your friends or relatives then it is a perfect time to present a gift. Check out the Deepavali unique gift ideas.

Major companies in India have the habit of gifting their employees, for them we have given corporate Diwali gifts. If you want to give something special then check these handmade Deepavali gift ideas. The gift made by your hands is more precious to your loved ones, so try it.

BSNL Announces Diwali Offers: Special Vouchers for Voice Calls and Data Packs

Delicious Sweets and Snacks

No person will dislike this gift. Diwali is not only festival of lights it is also festival of sweets. You can also gift chocolate combo especially for children. By this gift your sweet day will become more sweeter.

Aroma Candles

On this brightest day gift these candles to your loved one. At present a wide variety of candles are available in the market. Just pick a impressive candle set and gift it

Decorative pieces

Everyone will decorate their houses on this festival day. So gift some decorate piece on this day. You can bring more sparkles in their house with your gift.

Colorful Crackers

Everyone waits for whole year to enjoy the lights of crackers. So gift a pack full of crackers and enjoy the glow of festival.

 Traditional clay lamps

Spread the awareness of eco friendly with these traditional clay lamps and encourage all to use these lamps.

Handmade Diwali cards

Greeting cards are very special. They convey our wishes in the form of card. Try to make a card with your own idea.

Gift hampers

Select a pack of gifts like sweets, dry fruits and chocolate and gift to your loved ones. It looks simple and cute.

Gift vouchers

For this festive season we have many offers in all departments. So present them gift voucher to shop their favorite one

Idols of ganesh and lakshmi

On Diwali every one do pooja at home, so gift them theses idols. At present in market, Idols are available in different metals and colors, so choose the best one.

Ethnic wear and Jewellery

Every girl loves jewellery and dresses. So gift your friends or relatives according to their taste.

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