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FBI Served Google National Security Letter along with a Gag Order

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Pioneer of search engine operations, Google has received a letter known as ‘National Security Letter’ from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US.The letter was delivered with a judge’s directive forbidding the public disclosure of information on a particular matter. Hence, the matter of the letter was kept confidential by Google officials. This came to lime light with the recent USA Freedom Act.

Though the Act has come into force, not much detail are publicized by the company officials. This shows that some more obligations lie with the letter related to legal formalities.

Yahoo is Scanning User’s Emails Handing It over to US Intelligence

It is observed that the letter is delivered to the company by the investigating authorities in 2015 starting itself. The letter is related to ordering the company officials to attend a court. The investigating authorities have full rights to investigate without permission of Google to look into the matter as per the laws existing there.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Open Whisper Systems (OWS) have also received such letters from the FBI. This matter has been revealed after the USA freedom act has been announced. The ACLU also claimed that there are many other such cases that are undergoing in the closed doors of court rooms in the country.

Google Waived off € 100,000 to a 12 Year Old Boy Who Ran Up Online Advertising Tab

The case was related two tracing of two individuals signal tracing.On the other hand, Google is tight lipped about all this news and watching. Officially it has till date not commented anything about the letter received nor the about the news that broke out now.

Many cases will be highlighted once a full pledged USA freedom act is enforced. The Internet has been the main source for all the agencies and departments of Investigation that were used before the Act declaration. Now once the freedom has been declared all those are under scanner.

WikiLeaks releases more than 1200 archived emails of Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks Whistle Blows Hillary Clinton emails more than 1200

It seems that “The Privacy for safety is the loss of privacy.” The US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton privacy was whistle blows by a non-profit organization website “WikiLeaks.” The archived emails pertains information on Iraq war.

On this Monday, the WikiLeaks websites released on Twitter, a link to a search of 1258 archived emails which Hillary Clinton received or wrote about US engagement in Iraq while she is the head of State Department.

Political War Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The WikiLeaks published archived emails consisting of 30,322 from Clinton’s private email server where she used while serving Secretary of State.  The documents that cover privacy emails of the US presidential candidate from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014 in which Hillary Clinton sent 7570 of wholesome.

The FBI spent around three hours questioning Hillary about the email scandal, but elections are nearing, so the FBI is set to find reports on this issue. It’s been a week far that FBI questioning Bill Clinton who had talks with Attorney General Loretta Lynch who is responsible for investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Julian Assange Claims Google’s Involvement in Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warned that “the upcoming leaks that relates Hillary”. “We have accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton. We could proceed to an indictment,” Assange told ITV.

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