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Best Eid al Adha Greetings, Messages: Interesting Facts about Bakrid Festival

Eid al Adha Mubarak

Best Eid al Adha Greetings: Bakrid is also called as Eid-al-Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha is a feast of sacrifice celebrated by Muslims all around the world with great honour and respect. It is celebrated on the 10th day of the Muslim month Dhul-Hajj, the last month of lunar calendar.

Muslims are blessed with two Eid occasions during the Islamic year. The first one is Eid-ul-Fitr, which symbolises the conclusion of the Holy month of Ramadan. The second one is Eid-al-Adha which commemorates the Pilgrimage to Hajj, a spiritual journey and one of the five pillars of Islam.

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Millions of fortunate Muslims perform the Hajj Pilgrimage on this day, and many hundreds of millions of people will perform the important task, i.e., Qurbani (sacrifice) in order to show their devotion and obedience towards Allah (SWT). All the Muslims on this day sacrifice the goat as an offering to God. Here we have collected the Bakrid Greetings and Eid al Adha facts in this page.

Bakrid greetings

Here we have listed the important Eid-al-Adha facts

  • Eid-al-Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha is an Islamic festival to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim willingness to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice this own son Ismail (Ishmael).
  • Moments before sacrifice, God revealed to Ibrahim that his command was a test of devotion, and he doesn’t need to sacrifice Ismail anymore. Instead, he asked to sacrifice a goat.
  • Unlike regular prayers, the Eid al-Adha Prayer (namaz) is performed in any large and open field. It can be performed any time after the sun rises completely but it should be completed before entering the Zuhr time.
  • Muslims prepares themselves following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, and this includes performing wudhu (ablution), offering Fajr prayer and wearing new clothes.
  • During the Eid prayer, Muslims recite verses from the Quran, lead by the Imam.
  • After Eid-al-Adha Prayers, Muslims perform the Qurbani ritual after reciting the ‘Tusmiya’. The Qurbani meat is divided into three portions. One part is for their family, the second part is gifted to relatives, neighbours and the third part is distributed to poor.
  • In the period around Eid-al-Adha, many Muslims travel to the Mecca to perform Hajj. The Eid begins after the Muslims on the Hajj return from the ‘Mount Arafat’.

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Eid al Adha Mubarak Greetings: 

Wishing that Allah accepts your good deeds and sacrifices, alleviates your sufferings,
and forgives your transgressions. Wishing you joy and prosperity on Eid.

Hope that you are guided by your faith in the almighty and shine in his divine blessings.
Wishing you a happy Eid.

Eid! give the happiness to those who avoid me,give pleasure to those who tease me, give peace to those who give me unease,O Eid! Be a splendid gift to all.

Eid-ul-Adha is an Eid of sacrifice;
And commitment of Allah’s orders.
May Allah bless us with the same in all circles of life!
Eid Mubarak!

eid ul adha greetings

Eid Ul-Adha Messages

I wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful Eid.
May Allah accept your good deeds,
forgive your transgressions and ease
the suffering of all peoples around the globe.
Eid Mubarak.

Eid Ul Adha Is Eid Of Sacrifice
& Commitment To Allah Orders
May Allah Bless Us With The Same In
All Circles Of Life
Nd Help All Amongst Us
Who R Helpless,Worried
& Waiting 4r His Rehmaat
Wishing A Very Happy Eid Mubarek

On the Holy occasion of Eid ul Adha that celebrates the Hajj, may you be filled with happiness and may every step of your journey through life be blessed by Allah. Eid Mubarak!

Guy Fawkes Day: Facts & History Behind Bonfire nights

Guy Fawkes Day

Preparing for Bonfire night?  Do you know why we celebrate this occasion? Have you ever heard about Guy Fawkes Day? Here we will give you answers to all your questions. Have a look

We celebrated this day on the name of Guy Fawkes. It is also known as Guido Fawkes. This day is observed on November 5th at the United Kingdom. To say exactly it is not the happiest occasion, but we celebrate this day to remember the history.

While going to Story In 1570 Guy Fawkes born at yok, England. After he was grown up, he started to fight for Catholics. In that process, he met one friend who is completely against to England King. Fawks came to know many people are suffering from behavior of the king, so he formed the group of friends and planned to get rid of the king. They made a plan blow up the king with the help of gunpowder, so they dug a tunnel and filled the tunnel with gun powder.

Guy Fawkes Night

On November 5th they planned to blast the Parliament with gunpowder. In that group, one of the friends had wrote a letter to his friend to stay away from parliament on Nov 5th. Unexpectedly King has read the letter and made a plan to catch the Guy Fawkes and his friends.

But unfortunately Guy only had caught by the soldiers and remaining has escaped. The king punished the Fawkes brutally for two days and sentenced him to the death. King has arranged bonfire and arranged dummy Guy Fawkes and burnt it in the fire. This bonfire was arranged to warn the people not to do this type of things.

Bonfire nights

So, that day onwards people have a habit of celebrating bonfire. On Bonfire nights, a display is the highlight of the day. Enjoy the sparkles of the Guy Fawkes Night. 

Facts you ought to know about Friday the 13th unluckiest day of the Year

friday 13th may 2016

Why people are afraid to say the word “Friday 13”? Do you believe something bad is going to happen to you on this day? Come with me to the back hundreds of years to know the origin of “unlucky day”.Friday the 13

Its October 13, 1307, the date from where the superstitions of Friday 13 started. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church together with King of France sentenced a monastic military order to torture the Knights Templar to death and crucifixion of their leader.

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The reason behind the Friday 13 is consider as unlucky because many biblical events took place on a Friday, including the ejection of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, the start of the great flood and the crucifixion of Jesus (13 people present for Jesus’s last supper on Maundy Thursday, the day before Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday).

The fear of Friday is called friggatriskaidekaphobia, frigg is the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named. Triskaidekaphobia means the fear of 13. It is also called as paraskevidekatriaphobia, which is derived from the Greek word for Friday.

Friday the 13th always occurs at least once a year and can appear up to three times in any one year.

  • 2015: February, March, November

  • 2016: May

  • 2017: January, October

People are frighten about going to work, flying on plane or even getting out of bed on Friday 13. According to Stress Management Centre and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, millions of Americans are afraid of Friday the 13th.

August is the worst, In Brazil, Friday 13 in August is the unluckier than any other Friday 13. Some people choose to have parties with creepy and unlucky themes similar to Halloween.

In many Spanish speaking countries, Friday 13 is the luckiest day. The Spanish version of “Friday the 13th” was renamed as “Tuesday the 13th”.  In some places people believe that Friday 13 is lucky day for children to be born. Some people had won dollars of lottery on Friday 13, one British couple won $17 million after buying their lottery ticket on Friday 13.

Indian scientists refine seawater to drinkable water to overcome drought problem.

Ancient Egyptians consider the number 13 was lucky because they believed the 13th stage of life was related to the afterlife. Some people believe that the number 13 and black cat are associated with Friday 13, are symbols of femininity.

13 people to gather in one place is consider as unlucky according to Hindus.

It’s depends on you whether to believe these superstitions or not. Most of the people do not consider Friday 13 as unlucky. If anything happened to you on this day or you have any superstitions to avoid bad luck, add your comment below.