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Best Eid al Adha Greetings, Messages: Interesting Facts about Bakrid Festival

Eid al Adha Mubarak

Best Eid al Adha Greetings: Bakrid is also called as Eid-al-Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha is a feast of sacrifice celebrated by Muslims all around the world with great honour and respect. It is celebrated on the 10th day of the Muslim month Dhul-Hajj, the last month of lunar calendar.

Muslims are blessed with two Eid occasions during the Islamic year. The first one is Eid-ul-Fitr, which symbolises the conclusion of the Holy month of Ramadan. The second one is Eid-al-Adha which commemorates the Pilgrimage to Hajj, a spiritual journey and one of the five pillars of Islam.

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Millions of fortunate Muslims perform the Hajj Pilgrimage on this day, and many hundreds of millions of people will perform the important task, i.e., Qurbani (sacrifice) in order to show their devotion and obedience towards Allah (SWT). All the Muslims on this day sacrifice the goat as an offering to God. Here we have collected the Bakrid Greetings and Eid al Adha facts in this page.

Bakrid greetings

Here we have listed the important Eid-al-Adha facts

  • Eid-al-Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha is an Islamic festival to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim willingness to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice this own son Ismail (Ishmael).
  • Moments before sacrifice, God revealed to Ibrahim that his command was a test of devotion, and he doesn’t need to sacrifice Ismail anymore. Instead, he asked to sacrifice a goat.
  • Unlike regular prayers, the Eid al-Adha Prayer (namaz) is performed in any large and open field. It can be performed any time after the sun rises completely but it should be completed before entering the Zuhr time.
  • Muslims prepares themselves following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, and this includes performing wudhu (ablution), offering Fajr prayer and wearing new clothes.
  • During the Eid prayer, Muslims recite verses from the Quran, lead by the Imam.
  • After Eid-al-Adha Prayers, Muslims perform the Qurbani ritual after reciting the ‘Tusmiya’. The Qurbani meat is divided into three portions. One part is for their family, the second part is gifted to relatives, neighbours and the third part is distributed to poor.
  • In the period around Eid-al-Adha, many Muslims travel to the Mecca to perform Hajj. The Eid begins after the Muslims on the Hajj return from the ‘Mount Arafat’.

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Eid al Adha Mubarak Greetings: 

Wishing that Allah accepts your good deeds and sacrifices, alleviates your sufferings,
and forgives your transgressions. Wishing you joy and prosperity on Eid.

Hope that you are guided by your faith in the almighty and shine in his divine blessings.
Wishing you a happy Eid.

Eid! give the happiness to those who avoid me,give pleasure to those who tease me, give peace to those who give me unease,O Eid! Be a splendid gift to all.

Eid-ul-Adha is an Eid of sacrifice;
And commitment of Allah’s orders.
May Allah bless us with the same in all circles of life!
Eid Mubarak!

eid ul adha greetings

Eid Ul-Adha Messages

I wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful Eid.
May Allah accept your good deeds,
forgive your transgressions and ease
the suffering of all peoples around the globe.
Eid Mubarak.

Eid Ul Adha Is Eid Of Sacrifice
& Commitment To Allah Orders
May Allah Bless Us With The Same In
All Circles Of Life
Nd Help All Amongst Us
Who R Helpless,Worried
& Waiting 4r His Rehmaat
Wishing A Very Happy Eid Mubarek

On the Holy occasion of Eid ul Adha that celebrates the Hajj, may you be filled with happiness and may every step of your journey through life be blessed by Allah. Eid Mubarak!

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Eid al Adha

Eid al Adha Mubarak 2017 Wallpapers: Bakrid, also called as Eid al Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha, is one of the most important Muslim festivals. The Eid al Adha is celebrated as the Festival of sacrifice (Qurbani) all over the world. It falls on the tenth day of Dhul-Hajj, the last month of Islamic lunar calendar.

Eid ul Zuha is celebrated in the commemoration of Ibrahim offering his son as a sacrifice at God’s (Allah) command. On this auspicious day, goats are sacrificed as an offering. From this page, viewers can download the Happy Eid al Adha Mubarak Images, Wallpapers HD for Facebook and Whatsapp.

Eid al Adha quotes

The history of Eid al Adha/Eid ul Zuha dates back to the time of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Ibrahim dreamt of being commanded by the God to sacrifice the person who is dearest to him in order to check his obedience. He decided to sacrifice his son Ismail, as he was 13 years old at that time.

When Ibrahim revealed to him the God’s command and his son agreed to be sacrificed for the sake of Allah. When he was about to sacrifice his son, Allah voiced stated that he need not to carry the order, as he had passed the test of devotion. He was further instructed to sacrifice the lamb instead of his only son. Later he was blessed with another boy named Isaac.

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The Islamic tradition and one of the five pillars of Islam Hajj pilgrimage revolve around the story of Ibrahim and his family.  Eid al Adha is a celebration of enthusiastic faith of the believers towards Allah and his words in “Quran”.

On this day, Muslims offer an animal sacrifice in the name of God. The meat of this sacrifice is divided into three portions. One portion of it is kept for family consumption, the second portion is for distributing to relatives, friends and neighbours, and the remaining third part will be given to the poor and needy.

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak SMS, Messages and Wishes: Bakrid Greetings, Shayari

The Eid ul Zuha celebrations starts with the Eid al Adha prayer (dua) which is performed after the sun completely rises up and before the Zuhr time. People gather at mosques or masjid’s offer prayers, and Takbir is recited after the prayers. People share Eid al Adha Mubarak wishes to one and each other.

Eid al Adha Mubarak

Sacrifice is the important event on this day. People greet each other, distributes the slaughtered meat and visit relatives houses. Feats are prepared throughout the day with delicious mouth-watering recipes. We have provided the best Eid al Adha Mubarak Messages, SMS in English & Hindi and Wishes.

Bakrid Wallpapers, Images and Pics

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Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak 2016 SMS

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When is Eid 2017 ? Date, Time & Importance of Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha


Eid al-Fitr in 2017 is on Sunday? Date & Timing’s  of EID 2017 25th of June (25/6/2017)? The Sacred month of Ramadan has been observed by all the Muslims over the globe. All the Muslims would celebrate Ramzan by wishing each other gracefully.The Eid 2017 in India will be celebrated according to the Islamic Calendar either on June 26 or June 27.

Eid date will be depending upon the visibility of the moon. If the moon is sighted on June 25, then Eid will be on 26. or else if the sighting of the moon appears on 26th June then Eid would be o June 27 which will end the fasting month

Eid Mubarak is a traditional Muslim greeting which is used on the festivals of Eid. After performing the Eid-al-Adha prayer, Muslims wish each other Eid Mubarak and also hug each other three times. This is a major holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. There are two Eids that are celebrated Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha which follows the Hajj.

Eid is a significant festival in the Islamic religion and stands for peace, love, celebration of life and sincerity to their God Allah. Eid is the name of the festival while Mubarak means congratulations and Eid Mubarak means blessings on the occasion of Eid.

Importance of Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha

Eid-al-Fitr is a three-day long festival which marks the end of the month-long fasting event of Ramadan and the beginning of the Islamic month of Shawwal. During the time of Ramadan, Muslims fast the whole day during the hours of daylight and undertake prayers and worship throughout this festival.

Eid-al-Adha is known as the festival of sacrifice after which Muslims start their celebrations by reciting the Takbir at dawn. People then attend mosque for prayers to thank Allah for the blessings and exchange greetings saying “Eid Mubarak.” This festival takes place in Dhu-al-Hijjah which is the 12th and final month of the Islamic calendar.

Eid-al-Fitr Celebrations

The Eid celebrations last for three days and these days are seen as a time of forgiveness and thanking Allah for helping people to complete the spiritual fasting. Many Muslims even display their gratitude and Thanksgiving by donating food and donations to the less fortunate.

On this auspicious occasion, you can find several Eid Mubarak images that can be shared with your loved ones to wish them good time ahead and a happy Eid. Eid message spreads the message of togetherness, spread love and peace and brings everyone close during this important religious festival.

Zakat al-Fitr

During the last days or Ramadan, Muslims donate food to the poor- called as Zakat-al-Fitr to break their fast and celebrate Eid. All Muslims are obligated to contribute something to their community and is taken as an extra significance to represent the gratitude to Allah for helping them to get through the fast.

The Final Say

To conclude, Eid teaches you to be happy and be patient and includes charity as well as prayer towards the poor. Eid is always incomplete without special delicacies that are meant for special occasions including the traditional dates, halwa, cookies with milk, baklava, and sheer kurma.

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