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Aadhaar Made Mandatory for all Mobile Users and for New Mobile Phone Connections

Aadhaar Made Mandatory for all Mobile Users

After making Aadhaar mandatory for the income tax returns and also applying for Permanent Account Number (PAN). Now the government has announced that it is necessary for Mobile Phone Verification also. From now onwards the Aadhar based e-KYC is mandatory for mobile connections.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) released the notification on Thursday for all the mobile service providers. They asked to reverify the existing customers prepaid and postpaid using the Aadhaar card unique identification number and biometric details. As per the instructions, this process has to complete by the next year.

Aadhar-based e-KYC is also mandatory for the customers who are procuring new Sim cards. It is another step to increase the usage of Aadhaar card across the country. It is already implemented to target the beneficiaries of some government welfare and subsidiaries. On Tuesday, the government has announced that all taxpayers have to link their PAN card to Aadhaar number by 1st July 2017.

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In case if they failed to link, the permanent account number (PAN) will be deemed as invalid. The move to link Aadhaar card number to mobile phone connections was administered by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) as per the orders of Supreme Court in February.

A meeting was held on 13th February 2017 in the department of the telecom industry wherein UIDAI, Trai and PMO representatives also participated in discussing the way forward to implement the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court,” said the notification issued by DoT.

According to the reports, any unverified mobile number or any number that is not linked to Aadhaar number will be illegal and invalid after 6th February 2018. The government has ordered the telecom service providers to intimate the news to their customers about re-verification through paper advertisements and sending text messages.

PAN in Few Minutes, App to Pay Taxes through Smartphone Coming Soon

pan card

People can soon able to pay the taxes and able to get permanent account numbers in minutes through smartphones. To make easy for the taxpayers, the Central Board of Direct Taxes working on issuing the PAN on a real-time basis.

Using Aadhar e-KYC facility, the government plans to issue the PAN (permanent account numbers). Hence, for this individuals have to verify his/her details, i.e., address using bio-metric identification features like a thumb expressions.

Government Asks PAN Card Details of All Bank Account Holders by February 28

According to the reports, if a sim card can issue through e-KYC the same can be done to issue PAN. The overall process may crunch to five to six minutes from two-three weeks at present. At first, the number will be issued, and the card will deliver later as per the reports.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and Ministry of Corporate Affairs already tied up to issue the PAN for the companies through a combined form as a part in four hours. The move was taken to implement the real-time issuing of PAN, which becomes the business identification for companies.

New Passport Rules Announced: Now Aadhar, E-Aadhar Will be considered as Proof for Passport

Moreover, the Tax Department is also developing a mobile app which helps to Pay Taxes through online. The app also helps the users to apply for PAN and even track the details of return. Currently, the tax department is offering these services online through its online portal.

By launching the mobile app, people can access the services easily on their smartphones. From 1st January, the department started issuing new PAN cards with added security features with tamper-proof and content written in English and Hindi. As per the government survey, every year 2.5crore people apply for the PAN card and currently above 25 crore cardholders are present in the country.

 Idea Introduced e-KYC in 22 circles for Prepaid and Postpaid

Idea Introduced e-KYC in 22 circles

Idea Cellular rollout with “ electronic-Know Your Customer” (e-KYC) across its service centers all over the country. Idea Enables e-KYC based sim activation by submitting bio-metrics (Iris/fingerprints) for both Prepaid and Postpaid for new customers across its service centers in 22 circles.

This was launched after a successful pilot by Idea in Delhi circle with UIDAI association and also with DoT guidelines. E-KYC allows the customers for availing of instant verification with their ‘Aadhaar’ number for quicker Sim activation.

Aadhaar Based e-KYC Verification for instant  SIM card approval

The facility for Biometric verification for all the customers has rolled out across the country to the convenience of Idea’s users. This will be extended in phased manner to all multi-branded outlets.

Speaking about this e-KYC initiative, Mr.Navanit Narayana, Chief Service Officer, Idea Cellular said, “The roll-out of paperless and completely digital mode of customers based on Aadhaar is in line with Idea’s customer centric approach. It will ensure quicker customer acquisition and greater convenience for new customers. This is also a step towards achieving a greener environment through reduced paper usage and is a key for enabling the vision of Digital India by facilitating many e-Governance services to be rolled out in future.”

Airtel and Vodafone launches e-KYC verification using Aadhaar

The e- KYC process is not applicable to bulk, outstation and the foreign customers.

This e-KYC has been already launched by Reliance Jio on September 5th and Airtel introduced on 19th of this month. Airtel has been a close tight rival to the Idea cellular since the past years. BhartiAirtel had rolled out over 20,000 units of Aadhaar based e-KYC on Sunday. Airtel is expected for about 50,000 customers on board to come including rural users.

Idea Customers and seeking customers can now walk into any Idea Company Store or my idea outlet and avail fast paperless and secured service activation for both prepaid and post-paid users by using  ‘Aadhaar number’ for a biometric verification process.

Airtel and Vodafone launches e-KYC verification using Aadhaar

Airtel and Vodafone launches e-KYC verification using Aadhaar

After being slapped with huge penalties by TRAI for violating customer verification norms, the telecom companies have taken the KYC formalities seriously.Recently a notification was released by DoT( Department of Telecommunication) for rolling out instant Aadhaar based e-KYC (Know Your Customer) verification for mobile connections.

Following this notification, major telecom companies like Airtel and Vodafone have launched e- KYC services at their stores to help their customers to activate new SIMs instantly with Aadhaar number verification.

Airtel has launched e-KYC service at Delhi NCR, while Vodafone is planning to introduce the facility across India from August 24.

Aadhaar Based e-KYC Verification for instant  SIM card approval

“Customers walking in for a new connection at our stores will walk out talking in just a few minutes. We had partnered with the Department of Telecom (DoT) to pilot the Aadhaar based e-KYC solution and tested it successfully in two circles,” Vodafone India Director Sandeep Kataria said.

Effective Wednesday, August 24, we are rolling it out across the country,” he added.Airtel spokesperson said the facility launched currently at National capital region will be available at all company-operated stores in few days.

Customers preferring verification using e-KYC need to mention their Aadhar number and provide their finger print. This will be enough to activate either pre-paid or post-paid SIM cards.

Reliance Jio SIM Preview Offer is Now Free for All Private and Government Organizations

This process will reduce the time taken for SIM verification which is long for a document-based process. The e-verification process provides instant verification which will be completed in minutes.

KYC verification for SIM cards has been made mandatory to curb terrorist and kidnapping activities. Recently TRAI has imposed fine of 300.34 Cr and 285.62Cr on Airtel and Vodafone for violating the KYC

Aadhaar Based e-KYC Verification for instant  SIM card approval

Aadhaar Based e-KYC Verification for instant  SIM card approval

Availing a SIM card without an Aadhaar Card is no more a tough process. Customers can go inside a mobile operator’s showroom and get a SIM card by providing biometric and Aadhaar card details. The government’s newly issued e-KYC guidelines likely to make online application and authentication process much faster and simpler for subscribers. The intention behind the move is to cut down time for the activation of SIM.

In e-KYC, customers will authorize UIDAI through their Aadhaar numbers and biometrics. UIDAI will provide demographic details such as name, date of birth, address and gender along photograph with a digit signature to the mobile operator.

UIDAI eyes Aadhaar-Enabled Smartphones to ease access to Govt Services

The DoT notification states that “Digitally-signed electronic KYC data provided by UIDAI is machine readable, making it possible for licensees to store it directly as customer record in their database for the purpose of issuing a mobile connection.” It is also said that the move simplifies the verification and activation process which helps all stakeholders and enhances security. Earlier, it is observed that the verification process used to take about 8-10 hours, it has got reduced substantially. Airtel is planning to start Aadhar based e-KYC solutions later this week.

Vodafone India terms the e-KYC solution as an instant, secure and green mobile process to verify subscriber. “For the consumer, instant activation means better experience and security of personal confidential information. For Vodafone, it will improve quality of sales as well as regulatory compliance. For the regulator, it not only means a green initiative, but hassle-free governance and accurate audit results,” said Sunil Sood, MD and CEO, Vodafone India.

GSMA Launches Mobile-Connect Service In India With Six Telecom Operators

Apart from saving time and energy, e-KYC will also help saving environment and money for telecom operators. An estimate states that telecoms spend about Rs.145 to 175 for each paper based procedure. It can be figured around more than Rs.10000 Cr can be saved per annum.  Top three telecom service providers,  Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, extended their assurance to start processing Aadhar based e-KYC procedure within a week.