Daily Intake of Grapes , Oranges can reduce risk of DEMENTIA: Study

Citrus fruits

According to Research done by Tohoku University, Japan has found that daily consumption of citrus fruits like Grapefruit, oranges, limes or lemons can reduce the risk of Dementia.The research says that older adults who consume these citrus fruits can lower the risk of Dementia by 23%. Older people who are above 65 are mostly attacked by this Disease.

Nobiletin, which is flavonoid isolated from citrus peels can reverse the effects of Dementia. However, the research shows that these citrus flavonoids could be beneficial all health concerns including memory impairment.

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The team analyzed over 13000 older adults for more over seven years to see how Dementia affected. The results show People who take citrus fruits once in a day are at lower risk. While individuals who didn’t eat are at higher risk.


Dementia is Chronic disease-related to brain functioning. This mental illness can be caused in mainly older adults. The main symptoms of Dementia are Memory loss, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.

The word “Dementia” is not a single disease but a range of other symptoms which reduce a person’s ability to perform daily activities. Dementia is also caused from brain death post any injury.  Alzheimer’s is the common example of Dementia. This disease destroys memory and other mental functions. On an overall analysis, 60-80% cases are subjective to Dementia.

Other Symptoms related to Dementia, people may show:

  • Memory loss, Mental illness, forgetfulness, inability to speak or understand, Inability to recognize people.
  • These often start a topic and always end saying different things which are called disorientation.
  • Sudden and unexpected Mood swings- anger, anxiety, loneliness, feeling discouraged..etc
  • The person always Hallucinates about things which are not visible in reality.
  • Delay in falling asleep.
  • Nervousness, fear, etc.

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