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Facebook wins the trademark case in China.

Facebook had won the case regarding the issue of the trademark in China. Beijing court had given the judgement on the case filed against the trademark. Zhongshan-based Zhujiang Beverage company sells the milk flavoured drinks and porridge. This beverage product company has registered the name “face book” in the year 2011.

Regarding the Trademark, this company faced the issues with the Facebook Inc. But in 2014, this company has gained the approval of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board. FaceBook has blocked China since 2009, But Mark Zuckerberg, who had married to the Chinese went on a charm offensive to make access to the China Market. In the recent visit to China, Mark had a met Liu Yunshan, China’s Propaganda Chief and Jack Ma.

Facebook Messenger debuts with Group-calling feature limit Up to 50 people

The court mentioned “ violated moral Principles” with the obvious intention to duplicate and copy from another high-profile trademark. This judgement was released on last month i.e. April 28, due to the most of the statement is not in English, led the Chinese local market to speculate. Is Beijing’s hard stance against the Facebook might get soften.

$5.38B revenue Facebook Q1 2016 report crossed 1.65 Billion users

One of the factory executive Liu Hongqun, has pointed the question that “If it is illegal for us to register the trademark, why were we allowed to do so in the first place?” and also mentioned that he has not received the court’s final ruling. “If Facebook has such an influential brand globally, why can’t Chinese consumers access its website?”

Apart from this Beijing court given the judgement regarding the case filed by Apple. The leather accessories manufacturing company has used the trademark “IPHONE”, which is similar to Apple’s iPhone.This case was not in favour to Apple and Apple is going to appeal the case to the Highest Court in China.

Outdated technology is the reason for apple’s downfall in china: Jia Yueting

AI Robot to attend China’s National College Entrance Exam in 2017

Yes, a Chinese Robot is getting ready to write China’s National College entrance exam(gaokao) in 2017 to enter the first-class universities in China. The Robot is trying its best to get qualifying mark to get admission to Peking University and Tsinghua University in 2020. The robot is being designed to attend this examination in competition with 12th grade students in the entrance exam. An analogue robot in Japan is looking at Tokyo University 2021.

The Examination includes three parts namely math, Chinese and comprehensive test of liberal arts. According to Lin Hui, CEO of an artificial intelligence company in Chengdu said that liberal arts include history, politics and geography. This Chinese company Zhun Xing Yun Xue Technology Co., Ltd, won bid  for the artificial intelligence program on robot’s math test in the year 2015 form the Ministry of Science and Technology.

SELFIE DRONE “Hover Camera” by Zero Zero Robotics

Usually 30 students are allowed to sit in one room for this examination, but the robot has to take the entrance test in a closed room with an invigilator and a notary. Like its co-human peers, the robot has to finish its test within the stipulated time and it will be entirely disconnected from internet. The robot will solve the problems with its AI program.

A printer will be connected to the robot before every examination and the electronic examination paper will be inserted into the robots program just before the examination. So, the printer will give the final answer from the robot. Well, Chinese and liberal arts papers might be a challenging task to the robot, as these parts do not have specific  objective type questions and exact answers like maths. Subjective questions such as the reading comprehension and essay-writing are seen in Chinese and liberal arts papers.


The robot writing technique nowadays has been increasingly mature. With key information words, a robot can write an economic news report following the widely-accepted writing mode in Silicon Valley, while nobody could tell it was written by a robot, Lin said. So, with this point he says that a robot can analyse a topic in writing session and compete writing. However the written script may be a emotionless piece which hardly effects the grade.

LE Sivrac Smart Bicycle with Android, Quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM

LE Sivrac

LeEco’s Smart Bicycle

LeEco, China’s emerging multi product company, formerly known as the LeTv had now launched its new product named LE Sivrac. It is pretty much a combination of smartphone, a fitness tracker and road cycle. It is the third product which is launched by the Chinese company this month including the smartphone trio and the super smart car LeSSE.

All the three products are related to three different sectors, but the common point among all is the technology. Having a unique design the smart bike is made up of T700 carbon fibre and equipped with an aluminium alloy frame smartphone with a 4-inch display is mounted & fixed in between the handle bars.

The smartphone enables easy navigation and display of the maps. It also keeps the record logs of the places and journeys made on the bicycle. Running on the Android software, it is powered with a 4 GB RAM. Featured with built in speakers, it can play music which is loud enough that doesn’t require to use headphones.

The handlebars are equipped with individual sensors which would recognise the heartbeat count and store it in the smartphone. It also stores the information about the physical metrics such as age, gender, height and weight.

It also had buttons which are for horn and signalling lights. A camera is mounted at the top of the handlebar to shoot, record the journey on the bike & used for security purposes. The camera comes up with an SD card option. It also had laser pointers which would display a red laser light on the red showing the fellow riders and cars notice your presence avoiding accidents during nights.

The head and rear lights are self-adjusted with the help of sensors that will on/off sensing the light level. The chunkier cross bar holds three controls the parking lock, camera, and lights. When the parking lock button is pressed the chain bolt that will slide into its place preventing it from being stolen. The power source for all the electrical operations is done by a battery which is connected to all the other peripherals and is kept down the smartphone and it can be charged using a pin.

In the case of dead or low battery, the bicycle unlocks itself for easy peddling. The modern smartphone running on two wheels is available in China and would roll out in the United States by the end of the year.

LE Sivrac price would be starting from $800 and above $6,000 for the carbon framed one. LeECo’s Smart bicycle would be displayed on the CE China show out in Shenzhen. This bike may be available only for china.

Outdated technology is the reason for apple’s downfall in china: Jia Yueting


Is Apple Outdated in China?

China’s Billionaire Entrepreneur Jia Yueting had taken a dig at tech giant ‘Apple’. In his first International Television interview with CNBC, he had made some important remarks about his rivals.

He stated that primary difference between Apple and us is that Apple is a mobile company which focuses only on Software and hardware. Coming to LeShi, the firm’s preference would be primarily on The Internet, next the software and finally on hardware.

Jia yueting CEO of LeEco formerly known as LeTv called the Netflix of China has expressed his views on the competition between his company and his rivals. Commenting on the iPhone, he says that having separate applications is the need of hour at the early stages of the mobile net. During those times, the CPUs and mobile networks are very slow compared to now. According to the user perspective, it’s a significant obstacle to enjoying all the advancements.

He also pointed that due to its out-dated technology the company’s sale was dropped in China, which was the second biggest market for apple. He exampled that latest model of Apple iPhone SE which is built with low technical values, and the design was obsolete. The specifications of the smartphone are also not up to the mark when compared to other leading mobiles.

Jia stated that the former leader of the mobile industry should bring latest advancements in building its products. He opined that apple should rethink about the closed nature of its systems and lack of internet while designing. He added that due to the over dominance nature of the Firm, its products are lagging these days

In the late January, Apple announced their fourth quarter earnings which indicated the fall in sales of smartphones in China mostly in the Hong Kong region.

During the launch of new super electric Car LeSEE, he said that it would surely surpass Tesla’s Electric Car in all aspects. He pointed that Tesla is right, but LeSEE would be the best since they made the super-car on the idea of making the smartphone run on four wheels.

The CEO of LeEco started his career as a tech support worker went on to build his own IT and Mobile company now Worthing $4.8 million. He guessed that the next generation of the mobile internet would be more open and ecosystem oriented different from the existing one.

The LeSEE will be on display at Beijing Auto Show this week.

The Craziest Street Fighters ever: Bulldozer Street Battle in northern China

Bulldozer Street Battle

A combat war in China that Bulldozers turns up to Transformers

We have seen different types of fighting styles (Kung Fu, Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido, and Taekwondo, base budget Transformers fight) but not the Bulldozer fight.

But here in Northern China, A Bizarre front loader bulldozer battle in between two workers of two different construction companies has happened. Seemingly, multiple bulldozers got crazy at each other and started fighting each other where we never have seen on a public road.

The cars are driving on the street all over tried to stay away from the ridiculous happening never on the open roadway. Very angrily, the total of six giant construction machines (bulldozers) uncontrollably pissed off at each other and bulldozers even got flipped off.

The fight started with two front loaders, successively remaining four dozers assaulted each other. If you notice in the video released on Saturday, a guy’s bulldozer got flipped, and he right away runs to another friendly bulldozer and attempting to flip the opponent bulldozer to presume the fighting.

Competitive Construction Companies workers argument escalated to the destruction of heavy machinery resulting flipped over of two bulldozers, said Police in northern China. Xu Feng, a local government Spokesman, reported that he couldn’t disclose the details about the arrest and injuries happened until the final report of investigation come to an end.


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