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VirtualLink: Future VR Headsets Will Have Just One USB-C Connector

Connecting your VR headsets to your computer will soon be simpler and easy as it will only need a single cable. Present VR equipment needs multiple cables to connect to your PC to give you a complete VR experience.

A new association formed by Microsoft, Oculus, AMD, NVIDIA, and Valve has introduced a new specification called VirtualLink, which is a single high-bandwidth USB connector of Type-C.

The present VR cables require multiple types of ports to connect to the PC through USB and HDMI cables. Whereas the VirtualLink cable will be capable of providing a USB 3.1 channel, 4 HBR3 DisplayPort lanes with high speed, and about 27 Watts of power. These specifications are planned by considering the future developments that can take place in the VR based devices.

This new advancement will enable the users with a device having one or two connections to use the VR system. This also favors the mobility of the user whereas, in the previous type, there was a risk related to mobility as the cables could get entangled while the user is travelling. This improvement will let the VR device user to get completely immersed in the activity.

It will be easier for the users to set up the VR system and hence avoid the clutter by reducing the friction. This advancement will surely simplify the VR experience. The new VirtualLink will allow devices like tablets, light notebooks, and laptops to experience Virtual Reality.

This is stated to be a smart move by the company as people are drifting towards buying VR headsets to enjoy daily activities. With the release of this product, the demand for VR headsets is expected to increase. This cable will be compatible with the VR headset hardware that will be introduced in the mere future and the ones present now. But it will be introduced in the future with the launch of a hardware. Customers planning to buy a VR system now will have to wait for the hardware to release in order to buy this single USB cable.

With the data bandwidth, display, and power, VirtualLink will introduce a new level of immersion in VR. How excited are you to experience the revamped version of the VR Headsets? Let us know in the comments section.