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Android Oreo connectivity issues persists while connecting to Bluetooth: Report

Android 8.0 Oreo is out on Pixel and Nexus devices, and users are facing some connectivity issues on Android Oreo. People are registering about the Android Oreo connectivity issues on various forums. The main issues which Oreo users face are about the connecting devices via Bluetooth. Android Oreo users find troublesome in connecting the devices to Bluetooth only after updating the Android version.

However, users complain that majority of issues on Android Oreo will be while connecting the device to Android Auto. Notably, the Bluetooth problems on Oreo appeared in the Android Oreo Developer Preview as well.

“Since Oreo 8.0 I can’t even get an Android auto to project at all in my car anymore. I used to just plug in the USB, and the projection would start, now it just says I need a valid USB device instead,” said a user in Nexus forum.

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“Using Android Auto app and connecting my Pixel XL Bluetooth to my 2012 Chrysler 200 S Uconnect RHR, I started getting reboots while streaming Podcast with Google Music. This never happened before Android 8 released,” Oreo user says on Pixel User community.

Besides the media content not displaying on Android Auto app, there are other Android Oreo connectivity issues which users complain about. Other issues on Android Oreo include audio not playing even the device is paired and outgoing calls being reverted to the phone’s speakers.

Some users complain about Bluetooth getting switched off within a short period. It seems Google is aware of the Android Oreo issues and has additional information to work on it.

“Some of you have been reporting Bluetooth issues after accepting the latest OTA update, Android 8.0 Oreo. We’d like to get some additional information so we can look into this more,” said Orrin, Nexus community and Pixel Users community manager. He suggested users specify their car/auto, year/make/model of their car along with issues and symptoms.

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