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Kolkata tops the Blue Whale challenge search chart globally: Google Trends

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Kolkata topped the list of The Blue Whale game in searches according to Google trends. ‘Blue Whale’ a dangerous online game which has already taken 130 lives of youngsters entered India in recent times. A 14-year-old student from Andheri Mumbai was reported to commit suicide for completing the task in the game.

After banning the game in certain countries including India, Google trends ranked the cities in descending order depending on the number of searches for past 12 months. According to the Google Trends data Kolkata, capital of West Bengal stood in the first place.

A New Game Called ‘Blue Whale Challenge’: All you need to Know

The menacing game originated in Russia took 130 lives of youth, after which the inventor of game Philipp Budeikin was kept behind bars. It is a 50 days challenge in which the user will be given a task to complete, and the last task would be to commit suicide.

Blue Whale was accused of misguiding the youth and encouraging them to kill themselves. After the ban of the deadly game, the searches for the game increased rapidly. In the list of top 30 cities across the world, it is surprising that Kolkata stood first and 4 of the Indian cities like Chennai. Bangalore and Guwahati are top 5 list, while India took 3rd place in the record.

Looking at the list that was made on the related search combinations like ‘blue whale challenge game’, ‘the Whale game’, ‘blue whale game download’, ‘blue whale suicide challenge’, etc. considering the searches over the past 12 months, among the 30 world cities, Kolkata which took first place followed by San Antonio (US), Nairobi (Kenya), Guwahati (Assam), Chennai (TN), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Mumbai (Maharashtra), New Delhi, Howrah (Bengal) and Paris (France).

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Blue Whale Challenge: 14-year-old Mumbai boy commits suicide in India to complete 50-day challenge

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Blue Whale Challenge: On Saturday, the boy named Manpreet Singh Sahani allegedly committed suicide to complete a 50-day dare challenge “Blue Whale Challenge.” The 14-year old boy jumped from his seven-floor building terrace and killed himself. Manpreet lives in Andheri East in Mumbai.

According to the reports, Manpreet told his friends that he has been playing ‘Blue Whale’ game and will be not attending the school on Monday. Sunny Valia, Manpreet’s friend said that “He had in fact told that he is going to commit suicide, but they thought he was joking,”

Few cops say that the boy is addicted to the game called ‘Blue Whale’ is a 50 day dare challenge. The game gives players 50 dares which range from watching a scary video to drawing on arms with sharp things.

A New Game Called ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is Forcing the Russian teens to End Their Lives

Blue Whale Challenge game is started in Russia which took almost 150 lives, and Manpreet became the first victim from India. The police found the suicide pact from Sahani’s friend’s Whatsapp group. According to the investigation, Manpreet has been using the internet to find ways to jump from the terrace.

On the day of suicide, Manpreet went up the terrace and sat on the parapet for almost 20 minutes. The neighbours saw him sitting on the wall and warned him, but as they could anything, he jumped off the wall.

The boy’s parents said, his behaviour had changed completely from a week before but did not expect him to commit suicide. A police officer who is the part of the investigation said that Manpreet even took a selfie and posted it in the group.

Cyber-crime expert Vijay Ram Mukhi stressed on the need of vigilance among parents, rather than blaming the game which is almost impossible to stop.

The boy school teachers said, “Students said he was addicted to games, but we don’t know for sure if it was the Blue Whale challenge. We are angry inside. This isn’t a way to throw away your life when your parents have done everything to ensure a comforting life for you,”

The police are still investing the case from all the angles. The boy left no suicide note, so it’s difficult for the cops to trace the evidence.

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