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Bigg Boss Telugu First Weekend Review: Jyothi becomes the 1st Contestant to be eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Weekend Review

Bigg Boss Telugu Weekend Review

Bigg Boss Telugu is Telugu reality show hosted by Jr. NTR (Tarak) which slowly getting in to all Telugu households. The shows features 14 celebrities named Hariteja, Jyothi, Kartheeka, Madhupriya, Mahesh Katthi, Shiva Balaji, Mumaith Khan, Dhanraj , Aadarsha Balakrishna, Sampoornesh, Archana, Kalpana, Sameer and Prince Cecil who are locked up for 70 days facing 60 camera’s.

The show has stepped towards its first elimination process which is aired on 22st July and 23rd July. The contestants who are eliminated for first week nomination are Hariteja, Jyothi, Kartheeka, Madhupriya, and Mahesh. Kalpana became the captain of the show.

The show started with the entry of Tarak, who is looking his best in the show. With his humorous best Tarak took a dig at every contestant. Later, Tarak talks to every contestant about their behaviour in the house and experience in one week. Jr. NTR took a dig at Siva Balaji, who is continuously taunting Bigg Boss for not having access to cigarettes. He praised Archana for calming Siva Balaji throughout. Tarak addresses almost every housemate by cracking jokes. He also teased Mahesh for not working at all.

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Tarak later announced that, Madhupriya and Kartheeka are safe from the nominations this week. Jr. NTR assigned a task to Mahesh, who is nominated. He was asked to go to the store room and bring a tray which is covered. Later the tray is revealed which is stacked with ladoos apparently bitter ones. Tarak asked the contestants to come forward and feed the bitter ladoo to whomever they wish. Jyothi was feeded with four bitter ladoos.

After the fun task, Tarak asked Mahesh to pack his bag and leave the house right away. Everybody got emotional with the announcement. Later the episode ended and the elimination process continues on next day.

Bigg Boss Telugu July 23rd Written Updates

After the entry, Tarak asks all the contestants to hold a placard which read ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. This game actually helps contestants t know what they actually feel about each other.Later, Tarak asked all the contestants to draw an imaginary face of Bigg Boss. After the funny conversations, Jr.NTR revealed that Mahesh and Haripriya are safe from nominations this week.

As speculated, it was Jyothi who walked out of the ‘Big Boss’. She is the first contestant to be eliminated. After coming out of the house Jyothi said Jr.NTR, that most of the contestants in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house are paying double games and hence, her elimination.

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 3 Review : Day 2 written update, 18th July 2017

Jr. NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa Teaser

Episode 3 written update of Bigg Boss Telugu: The TRP’s of the show Bigg Boss Telugu is hiking day by day since first episode itself. The show is hosted by Jr.NTR along with 14 contestants naming Shiva Balaji, Mumaith Khan, Dhanraj, Adarsh, Sampoornesh Babu, Archana, Madhu Priya, Kalpana, Mahesh Kathi, Jyothi, Sameer, Hari Teja, Katthi Kartheeka and Prince Cecil locked in a house with no contact with the outer world.

In the second episode of Bigg Boss Telugu got interesting with the first round of nomination. BB asks the housemates to nominate two people out of the show. Later, BB gives a task to housemates to make a confession about them.

DAY 2:
8:00 AM – All the housemates wake up to the song “Khol their kidki” from the movie “Mr Perfect”.

10:00 AM- Dhanraj started to crack jokes and imitating contestants Jyothi, Hari Teja and Mumaith. Later, Archana joined them, and all had a peaceful movement together.

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After few minutes, the housemates got into a small discussion. Mumaith places Dhanraj towel in the gym area. Later Dhanraj is blamed for this mistake he never done. After that Mumaith enter and clarifies the issue and hugs Dhanraj to sort it out.

12:30PM: Singer Kalpana explains few ragas to the cameras and humming the songs with her sweet voice.

12:45PM: Hari Teja discussing left over food, wastage of food and roti’s. Hari Teja explaining roommates balancing the food by eating whatever is made.
Later, Prince asks Bigg Boss to enter a candidate of his age to have lively chats and friendly conversations in a humorous tone and the laughs.

3:30PM: Prince asks Jyothi to use less pickles. However, she walked out ignoring Prince Words.

5:15PM: BB calls Hari Teja to the confession room. Bigg Boss asks her to read the task assigned in front of all housemates. Hari Teja reads out the task.

The task is to wear as much as clothes they can in a limited time given and place the entire remaining luggage in the store room. As soon as the siren sound rings, the doors will be locked. And the task is finished.

Bigg Boss Telugu-Episode 1 REVIEW: Contestants Intro & Highlights

Housemates get ready for the task, meanwhile the siren rings. All the contestants were busy performing the task, wearing as many clothe can. And finally the siren rang, and the task is completed. All the housemates seem fully packed with all clothes on them. The captain exempted from this task.

5:45 PM: Everybody discussing the task.

6:30PM: Dhanraj and Kartheeka sleeping while other talking. Meanwhile, the dogs barking sound rings to wake Dhanraj up because sleeping during the day is not allowed.

7:30 PM- Mumaith says Jyothi to stop giving unnecessary attitudes when not needed. To this expression, Jyothi remained silent.

10:15 PM- BB asks all the housemates to gather in the hall. The first luxury budget task is given and points will be allotted. The housemates can use these points to buy the luxury provisions provided by BB.

Luxury Budget Task: In this task, all the house members should make the fire lit continuously until the end of the task otherwise the Luxury Budget will not be given to the housemates.

After the task, the captain should give a unanimous name. This candidate can have their luggage back from the store room.

10:45 PM: the task begins and all the members are lighting the “Agni Homam” and putting ghee to it.

12:00 Pm: Mumaith says Sampoo that he is bad captain because of hi irresponsible attitude. Later Kalpana, Hari Teja and Mumaith discussing how there expressions and voice are misunderstood.

1:15 PM: All the housemates gathered at the task place. The “Homam” is still on. Meanwhile, Adarsh showed an unusual behavior, making weird faces and sitting quietly.

Then Dhanraj went to ask him what happened, to his shock Adarsh bitted Dhanraj on his shoulder. Everybody got tensed for his behavior. Later Adarsh and Dhanraj cracked up saying it’s a prank played on the housemates.

Bigg Boss Telugu-Episode 1 REVIEW: Contestants Intro & Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu – Episode 1: The much awaited show with most interesting concept, Bigg Boss Telugu has made its debut on Sunday 16th July. Keeping its audiences glued to screen, Bigg Boss Telugu premiered on Star MAA at 9 pm. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao who is lovingly called as Jr NTR by his fans is trying his luck as a host for the first time in his career. This will surely be the huge milestone in the actor’s career.

Jr NTR with his utmost stylish attire makes the grand entry. He performed to the song “Don’t Stop” from his movie ‘Nannaku Prematho’. He definitely steals the show with his amazing dance moves. He made a great impact and increased the curiosity of fans with his performance.

After the grand entry, JR NTR thanks his fans for the love they showering on him and encouraging him throughout. He also mentioned about the show “Bigg Boss”, how it will help reach his fans through television. On his debut on Television, Jr NTR showed his excitement about the show and hosting. With his unique style of hosting, Jr NTR entertained the TV audience.

Later, Jr Ntr entered the Bigg Boss House to explain the concept and idea of the show. The house will be of 10,000 square feet with 60 cameras capturing all the angles. There all facilities in the house including swimming pool, one big, 14 beds, big kitchen, Gym, smoking corner and many wash rooms.

There will be strict rules followed in the house including, no phones allowed. Contestants should not remove the mic set. All the contestants should communicate in Telugu. They should not go to sleep before lights off.

There will be 14 contestants in the shows for 70 days with no contact with outer world.

Jr NTR introduces all the 14 contestants one-by-one:

1. Archana /Veda shastry: “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana” fame Archana is the first contestant in the show. She is a kuchipudi dancer by profession. Archana made entry with beautiful Kuchipudi dance. She is so exicted to be a part of this show.

2. Sameer Hasan: He acted in movies like Simhadri, Sye, Mass, Magadheera etc and also in few daily soaps. The actor is very close friend to NTR. NTR pulls his legs teasing him for his laziness in real life.

3. Mumaith Khan: Famous for her item numbers. She has acted in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. She performed to a Bollywood number and tried to speak in Telugu with Jr NTR.

4. Prince cecil: The young actor impresses the audiences with his dance moves.

5. Madhu Priya Peddinti: The Telangana daughter impressed Jr NTR by referring him as “Anna”. She sang her famous song “ADAPILLANAMMA”.

6. Narasimha Chary: He is famous with the name Sampoornesh Babu. He made people laugh with his funny attitude.

7. Jyothi: The Actress, Dancer and famous for her item songs. She made an entry with sizzling dance numbers.

8. Kalpana Raghavendar: Chennai based singer. She sang many songs in all languages. She sang “PAKADO PAKADO” song in her entry.

9. Mahesh Katti: He is actor, director and writer. He wrote many short films.

10. Katti Kartheeka: She is famous V6 News in Telangana slang. She had a funny conversation with Jr NTR in that slang.

11. Siva Balaji: He is famous for his roles in “AARYA” and “CHANDAMAMA” movies.

12. Hari Teja: She is a serial and movies actress. She also acted in few movies like AA AAA..

13. Aadarsh Balkrishna : He is famous for his role in “Happy Days”.

14. DhanRaj : Actor and Comedian is famous for Jabardasth with the team “DHANADHAN DHANRAJ”.

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