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Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 3 Review : Day 2 written update, 18th July 2017

Jr. NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa Teaser

Episode 3 written update of Bigg Boss Telugu: The TRP’s of the show Bigg Boss Telugu is hiking day by day since first episode itself. The show is hosted by Jr.NTR along with 14 contestants naming Shiva Balaji, Mumaith Khan, Dhanraj, Adarsh, Sampoornesh Babu, Archana, Madhu Priya, Kalpana, Mahesh Kathi, Jyothi, Sameer, Hari Teja, Katthi Kartheeka and Prince Cecil locked in a house with no contact with the outer world.

In the second episode of Bigg Boss Telugu got interesting with the first round of nomination. BB asks the housemates to nominate two people out of the show. Later, BB gives a task to housemates to make a confession about them.

DAY 2:
8:00 AM – All the housemates wake up to the song “Khol their kidki” from the movie “Mr Perfect”.

10:00 AM- Dhanraj started to crack jokes and imitating contestants Jyothi, Hari Teja and Mumaith. Later, Archana joined them, and all had a peaceful movement together.

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After few minutes, the housemates got into a small discussion. Mumaith places Dhanraj towel in the gym area. Later Dhanraj is blamed for this mistake he never done. After that Mumaith enter and clarifies the issue and hugs Dhanraj to sort it out.

12:30PM: Singer Kalpana explains few ragas to the cameras and humming the songs with her sweet voice.

12:45PM: Hari Teja discussing left over food, wastage of food and roti’s. Hari Teja explaining roommates balancing the food by eating whatever is made.
Later, Prince asks Bigg Boss to enter a candidate of his age to have lively chats and friendly conversations in a humorous tone and the laughs.

3:30PM: Prince asks Jyothi to use less pickles. However, she walked out ignoring Prince Words.

5:15PM: BB calls Hari Teja to the confession room. Bigg Boss asks her to read the task assigned in front of all housemates. Hari Teja reads out the task.

The task is to wear as much as clothes they can in a limited time given and place the entire remaining luggage in the store room. As soon as the siren sound rings, the doors will be locked. And the task is finished.

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Housemates get ready for the task, meanwhile the siren rings. All the contestants were busy performing the task, wearing as many clothe can. And finally the siren rang, and the task is completed. All the housemates seem fully packed with all clothes on them. The captain exempted from this task.

5:45 PM: Everybody discussing the task.

6:30PM: Dhanraj and Kartheeka sleeping while other talking. Meanwhile, the dogs barking sound rings to wake Dhanraj up because sleeping during the day is not allowed.

7:30 PM- Mumaith says Jyothi to stop giving unnecessary attitudes when not needed. To this expression, Jyothi remained silent.

10:15 PM- BB asks all the housemates to gather in the hall. The first luxury budget task is given and points will be allotted. The housemates can use these points to buy the luxury provisions provided by BB.

Luxury Budget Task: In this task, all the house members should make the fire lit continuously until the end of the task otherwise the Luxury Budget will not be given to the housemates.

After the task, the captain should give a unanimous name. This candidate can have their luggage back from the store room.

10:45 PM: the task begins and all the members are lighting the “Agni Homam” and putting ghee to it.

12:00 Pm: Mumaith says Sampoo that he is bad captain because of hi irresponsible attitude. Later Kalpana, Hari Teja and Mumaith discussing how there expressions and voice are misunderstood.

1:15 PM: All the housemates gathered at the task place. The “Homam” is still on. Meanwhile, Adarsh showed an unusual behavior, making weird faces and sitting quietly.

Then Dhanraj went to ask him what happened, to his shock Adarsh bitted Dhanraj on his shoulder. Everybody got tensed for his behavior. Later Adarsh and Dhanraj cracked up saying it’s a prank played on the housemates.