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How to Buy a LED TV? Brands to Consider

The televisions of today have been through a major transformation from the time they were first introduced. The first televisions were the mechanical TVs which were followed by Televisions that used the Cathode-ray-tubes which was a great improvement over the mechanical TVs. The improvement continued as the colour TVs came in, followed by Plasma TVs and then the LCDs took over. The next technology was the LED TVS, followed by OLED Now, the markets are flooded with a large variety of TV technology with the base of LED and OLED panels. In a sea of so many television types and brands, buyers get confused and don’t know whether to consider price or the size and style over the brand.

Factors to consider are many, but you can take into account the following to be the most important for your choice of television.

  1. The Price Factor

Though you cannot fix a price, you must know how much you can afford to spend on the television. You must also remember that though the prices have come down, a higher price range gets you better features for your TV. You can look at price and compare it to the large variety of models available in the market.

  1. The Size

The times of choosing the size o TV based on the size of the room are passé. A large TV, larger the better, gives you better picture quality and way better user experience. The big Box TVs have made way for thin, sleek technology driven television units which take up minimal space and are less intrusive. You can go big with wall mounting.

  1. LED or OLED

While the former is cheaper, the latter is the best picture technology available. You can also choose 4K LED for a remarkable experience. You can get most smart features of OLEDs. This will save up some money for you too. Between the two, you will need to compare, price, picture quality, brightness, contrast, levels of black, depth and viewing angles.  OLED scores better on all aspects excluding the price.

  1. Screen Resolution – HD or 4K (Ultra HD)

This basically refers to the number of pixels and more pixels mean better picture quality. 4K is an improvement of 4 times of HD, so you know what to choose. A point to consider is the availability of 4K content, which is not much as of now but even HD content is better on 4K.

  1. Smart TV

With a whole lot of content available for streaming, you can have the choice of what you want to watch. You do not have to depend on what the TV channels are providing and do not need to unnecessarily subscribe to channels you may never watch. Smart TV gives you choice and should be your choice.

These factors play as much of an important role in selection of a TV. Be very clear about what your requirements from a TV are and make an informed decision. With easy access to online shopping and ecommerce shipping solutions India for home delivery, buying your choice of television is absolutely simple today.