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Google Pixel Phones with Android 11 Now Make App and Chat Suggestions

Google Pixel owners can now take advantage of some great and new features that have been released by Android 11. If you own a Pixel phone, as Android 11 brings a number of upgrades to virtually any supporting device, then there would be extra perks for them. Before reaching anyone else, Google has detailed a host of “Pixel-first” features that will first reach its phones.

Google has not said when any of these new features might reach the third-party Android 11 phones. Before seeing these additions, it could take nearly months or weeks. Though if you have a non-Pixel handset, it’s quite evident that Android 11 will evolve over time.

All the Pixel owners have great news as Android 11 is reaching your devices, so you don’t have to wait for longer to try the slew of new additions.

There are many updates, which will be less conspicuous but helpful. And now, there are easier ways to share, save, paste and copy content, starting from screenshots to text. You might then have less problems while finding friends who’ve shared their location. With the location sharing, it is now possible to use Google Maps’ Live View for further giving a better visual point of reference. After all, you’ll be getting Augmented Reality (AR) directions to point you the right way in this mode.

For a start, your phone can make much more recommendations. Depending upon your daily routines, the Android on Pixel will accordingly make the app suggestions, which will make it easier to plan things for you. If, for English, you’re using Gboard, then you’ll also receive suggestions of smart reply in chat apps to speed up some of the common responses.

For the folders present inside your phone, your Pixel will also borrow a cue from the iOS with suggestions for them and accordingly name them depending on the apps present inside that folder, for example, you’ll find “Fitness”, if you’ve grouped all your workout apps.

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