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Google Self Driving Car Unit Gets Separate Company Waymo

Alphabet Inc’s dream project Google Self driving Car is now spin-off into a separate entity called Waymo. Google self-driving car project is a long running development to create technology for self-driving cars and now it has been rolled off into its own company called as Waymo.

The Google Self driving car project started seven years ago and now the long running project has turned off into its own organization Waymo. The officials of Google on Wednesday arranged a meeting in San Francisco and announced the news. Now Waymo is an independent company within the Alphabet Umbrella.

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Waymo CEO John Krafcik at a press meet told, “We are happy to get the project and now Waymo is an independent company. He also said that last year Waymo had conducted the first fully driverless ride on public roads in Austin, using a car with no steering wheels and no driver in everyday traffic.”

Steven Mahan, who is a blind friend of Waymo principal engineer Nathaniel Fairfield,had ridden the historical first drive in the self-driving car solo. Mahan previously rode the Google teat vehicles but he was always attended and escorted by the police. However, this time, he rode solo and the car transferred four-way stops, walkers, narrow streets and more public places in Austin.

At the press meet, Mahan shared his experience of self-driving car and called himself “rider 1”. However, the announcement symbols a critical step in the development of Google’s dream project now in the seventh year. It has been at the head of self-driving technology, but it’s now being challenged by other companies like Uber Technologies Inc, Apple Inc and other renowned car companies.

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Krafcik said, until now, the program has been part of secretive research unit Google X. We can visualize our self-driving technology being used in lots of different areas like in transportation, ride-share business, trucking, logistics, personal use vehicles and also looking to tie up with automakers.

However Waymo team is in full confidence that they were close to bringing this technology to a lot of people. Latest reports said that the updated spin-off will likely intemperance Google’s former vision for a completely independent system within a specially-built car. Meanwhile, Waymo is focusing on bringing the self-directed driving technology that Google has worked on to more predictable car models from existing makers, adding self-driving capabilities to cars that can also be driven manually.

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Many engineers and managers who are involved in Google self-driving car project is now working in some other companies or simply started their own self-driving schemes. Let’s wait and see how Waymo will do with this project.

Google: A new division of Startup Dubbed “AREA 120” To Keep Talented employees

A new Startup developing “AREA 120” by Google which never leaves let the Talent’s go

Google Building its own Startup Incubator “AREA 120”     

How Google tries to retain Talented Employees!!!

Google Employees now can start-up their businesses’ within the company with an incubator dubbed “AREA 120.”

Opposed to lose its key talent, Sundar Pichai CEO of Google projected to stop its company’s personnel jumping from its ship. So a new Start-up dubbed “AREA 120” by Google, which never leaves let the Talent’s to jump over from their ship.

The Incubation start-up “AREA 120” will be helmed by Don Harrison, and Bradley Horowitz, According to the source of Information. Harrison, the VP of Google’s corporate development and Bradley, the VP for Google’s Photos and Streams are the long-time executives of Google.

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What is AREA 120?

The entrepreneurial scope will let Google personnel prosper their notion, which will support with raised funding by Google. The team within Google should submit their business plan and apply to Area 120. Once employee’s outlines the Business design, the teams of the said project can work on full time basis.

Days pass after few months, if the described design is approved and they get an option either to set a new company or to pitch for more funding. We don’t know what and how Google gets back a return on Investment (ROI), but Google will be an investor for the initial start-up. The time stated was unclear, but the whole process will hopefully take several months.

Why is it named AREA 120?

According to the sourced information, the 120 in AREA 120 is an admiration to Google’s famed 20 percent time which asks that employees spend one-fifth of their working hours on projects that inspire and astound them.”

The philosophy of Google’s 20 percent time workplace philosophy resulted by Google News, Gmail and AdSense. The announcement claims AREA 120 will be fixed exclusively by Google, not to its Google Mountain View Campus, i.e., Alphabet Inc. A question rises that 20% of the time does exist at Google.

The AREA 120 focused mainly not to sidestep from Google. Considering, earlier this month Ex – DARPA head Dr. Regina Dugan left Google for Facebook. She was running ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Products) lab at Google. A120 will locate at Google’s San Francisco office building

According to Business Insider when Google debuted Alphabet Inc last year, Larry Page wrote that one of its goals was ‘empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish,’ some of whom might not want to build their businesses within Google proper.

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Facebook woos Google Executive Regina Dugan, for Building 8

The Social Networking “Facebook” turns to Technology ambitious, install a new research lab “Building 8”, focussing on advanced hardware products to connect the world well in advance. Regina Dugan, who led Google ATAP (Advance Technology and Products) and also erstwhile Director of DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), will be on board to Facebook Building 8 very shortly.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg certainly told in an FB post on Wednesday to recruit hundreds of people and invest hundreds of Dollars for this active project over the next forthcoming years CEO & Founder Mark discloses a strategic plan for the next 10years. At its F8 once a year conference this week, focussing on having a breakthrough in the areas of AR, VR, and AI (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence) and tends to extend internet access to Billions of people, Facebook Chief Tech Officer, Mike said.

Who is Regina Dugan?

Dr. Regina Dugan, An awardee of Ph.D. from Institute of Technology, California in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The first women, to lead Pentagon research lab popularly known as DARPA served from 2009 – 2012 to oversee the entire operation. Later on associated with Alphabet Inc, Motorola (a division of Google) and accompanied in Google’s ATAP for new ambitious products. She was involved in advanced technology projects such as modular smartphones, Smart Fabrics, and 3D mapping devices, project Ara and lesser moon shots like Project Soil, which uses radar waves to detect the finger movements precisely to control the objects in the air.

Why named Building 8? Mark reasoned that “There are eight letters in Facebook,” aiming high to build future technologies among the company. At F8 conference, Zuckerberg unveils the 360 – degree video for social networking that indicates company’s consistent efforts in making up of new technologies of Hardware and Software.

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Dugan blogged this morning it is a bittersweet day that “I am on one hand excited to step in for the opportunity in Building 8 to focus on ambitious R&D to create a breakthrough” and “on the other hand, departing from Google ATAP and leaving my Pirates”. Google in a statement greeted Regina, for the contribution for the practical product development with Google’s ATAP with hundred number staff and one thousand subject experts working on various projects and although wished her “the very best.”

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