limbo-skate boy

8-year-old Tiluck Keisam is the son of Keisam Ricky and Pravabati Takhellambam from Manipur. He created a Guinness World Record with his mesmerizing skills in Limbo Skating also known as Roller Limbo.

Tiluck registered his name in Farthest Distance Limbo Skating under bars for the second time. This prodigy has broken his own record which he set in December 2015 by going 116 meters under 28 cm poles/hurdles. This time he went 145 meters and modified his own benchmark.

Tiluck has already won so any medals in local skating competitions, but this mastermind has set his eyes on Guinness Records only.

The Limbo skating involves skating by keeping hands and lower arms off the floors all the time. Tiluck started practicing this sport from 2013 and excelled, because of the guidance given by his coach Rohtash Dinodia.

The video of this super kid creating the world record by going 475 meters is currently trending on the internet.

Tiluck has already recorded his name in the Limca Book of Records in May 2015 by performing 50-metre run under the hurdles that are 7.5 to 9 inches from the ground.

This cute and wonder child is not only amazing the people with his skills but also making our country proud.


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