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8 Things To Keep In Mind To Ace The Meme Game

Memes make social media posts go viral. A funny image with bold text and a hilarious moment, that’s enough to get people tweeting. 

Sometimes it could be a simple GIF with animated commentary. Memes like the overly attached girlfriend, Bad Luck Brian, and Success Kid continue to be popular even today.

Make it Funny (But Relatable!)

The point of making a meme isn’t just to be funny, it’s to be relatable!

Most memes tie back to politics or cover important discussions. However, they’re a good way to shed light on the subject by blending wit and humor.

Don’t make random memes; make memes with a purpose so that people feel connected to you emotionally. You can even create memes about serious subjects that are often ignored.

Use a Meme Generator

If you’re planning to get serious with your memes or just having lots of fun, at some point, eventually, you’ll want to keep making more. And if you’ve got zero experience making memes, it’s a good idea to use a meme generator.

With a meme generator tool, you can use a blank template, add an image, and slap on some text. It will let you change the font sizes, themes, and colors too. There are thousands of templates you can pick from if you plan to try VideoCreek tools for making memes.

The point is, you can make memes in bulk using these tools. And if you manage various pages and are strapped for time, it’s a good way to create content fast.

Try Using Goofy Pictures

Using photos of humans for your memes is cool. But animals make it better. Goofy dog and cat photos or going with a Grumpy cat meme is a classic way to boost engagement.

The internet loves animals, and there’s no denying that. You can even use poorly drawn pictures to make cringy memes like the Spodermen and Dolan Duk memes. Don’t be afraid to make memes about real life! Snap some pictures, add text, and make it meme-worthy.

Who knows? Maybe the next big viral meme character could be in your neighborhood!

Give Memejacking a Try

Memejacking is a concept where you make memes about viral topics. If you’re trying to grow your meme page, look for trending memes on the internet. Whatever is viral right now, make memes about it.

People are more likely to tweet your memes online. To get an idea of what’s trending, take your time and browse through Reddit threads. 9Gag is another great place where you can do some digging.

Stay in touch with the local news online and frequent websites like Facebook and social media platforms where people are talking. This will give you ideas on what’s popular, and you can start making memes about it.

Create Video Memes

Memes are good, but video memes are the next level. For example, you’ll find many videos about thug life being posted online. Or videos of side-by-side comparisons.

There are many YouTube influencers like JAMARI, Dr. Cringe, and BirdMan who talk about different topics and add memes and voiceovers to their clips.

They’re good examples to take inspiration from. You get the idea. If you’re trying to make video memes for the first time, you can use VideoCreek.

Oh, and if you’re making YouTube videos with memes, be sure to make a good intro. Use an easy to use intro maker for this and add sound effects to make it catchy.

Play around with transitions and typography if the videos are long. Video memes don’t just involve posting random memes on videos. You can find many debate videos on YouTube that throw in memes in between discussions to kill the boredom and keep it going.

Share Your Memes

Nobody is going to know about your memes online if you don’t put in the effort to share them. Great places to share your memes are on internet forums, Twitter, and Facebook. You can create an Instagram account and start posting memes there too.

Pick two good social media platforms at first and start there. Don’t post everywhere because you’ll have to keep posting consistently.

When you have a large enough following, you can hire some extra help to manage your social media pages for posting memes. Add hashtags to your posts so that Google can index and find them on the search engine.

Start watching funny shows or standup comedy to develop a sense of humor. Literally, every movie, film, or cartoon shows these days have memes lying around somewhere. And one of the best ways to discover memes is to visit Instagram, where many users are posting and sharing.

Share Memes

Good artists create, but great artists share as well. You can repost others’ memes from time to time and get more engagement. We don’t recommend always ripping off other accounts, but you can actually repost memes about general topics.

For example, memes about Pizza and Spiderman are very generic but popular. Reposting them is fine.

However, if you’re planning on using memes that involve promoting brands, you probably should steer away from them. Memes about different anime series are also very popular and have a niche target audience.

Other Tips

For the last section, we’ll cover general tips.

Given below are some things to keep in mind when making good memes:

  • Use large text – People don’t like squinting to read, and the more readable the text is, the easier it is for the memes to get more reach online
  • Make it short and sweet – Don’t forget that users have short attention spans. Make the memes funny, short, and sweet. Don’t add walls of text and clutter it.
  • Get Creative with your images – Don’t just stick to Bad Luck Brian for all your memes. Play around with the characters and experiment. You can take inspiration from Star Wars or pop culture themes.


A good way to describe memes would be that they’re incredible and funny. Tickling the funny bone of the internet is a good way to get attention.

And let’s face it – everybody loves memes. We enjoy reading memes during our free time, and there are many like-minded individuals who agree.