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The survey on IT Professionals comes out with some impressive results every time. But this time the survey results came out as a shock to them. Recent reports are claiming that it will become hard to recruit the data scientists, software architects, data engineers, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) which have currently so much of craze these days. The results also proved that 70% of the current IT professionals cannot upgrade to the new skills.

When more than 1000+ resumes are coming out, only 3 or 4 seem to match the required skill set. The talented people are about 50% less than the demand. But when surveyed the details in the top job portals and recruitment companies such as Naukri, glassdoor, monster, Google trends, Github, Twitter the results state that more than any other professions, almost everyone shows interest towards the software jobs.

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Hunters India CEO, Kris Lakshmikanth said that 70% of the existing employees couldn’t upgrade their skills anymore. The only streams that have much popularity these days are AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Social Media, Cloud Computing, Big data, etc. But unfortunately, the engineering colleges are not concentrating well on these departments. The recruitments in this only take place because of the certification courses students are taking outside of college.

In fields like Java developers, AutoCAD, microcontrollers programming, solution architect the supply is far more than the demand whereas, in data engineering, data scientists and s/w architects the outsourcing is less than the need. If the IT companies fail to recruit and do the works properly within 5-7 years, they will disappear without any doubt. Hackerrank CEO and Co-founder Hari Sankar Karunanidhi said this.

He also said that the only programming languages colleges are teaching their students is only Java. He claimed that if the demand crosses more than the supply apparently the rates will become high. Execute access MD, Ronesh Puri said that same way, candidates who prefer jobs in these areas earn about 25-35% more than the average software developer.

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