7 year old

A Lucknow teacher slapping her 3rd standard student went viral on the internet. A 7-year-old kid in 3rd class got beaten up by his teacher for not responding to the attendance in class. The ill-mannered teacher was very angry on the student that she slapped him 40 times continuously.

Her worst behavior of the teacher, Retika V John was captured on the CCTV footage in the St. John Vianney High School, a private school in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. According to the students who watched their friend getting beaten up by their teacher stated that he was deeply concentrating in drawing and didn’t respond to the attendance call that made the teacher hit the little boy on his face.

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CCTV footage shows that he got slapped many times and got pushed towards the bench which hit him on his back. She snatched the drawing paper from his hand and started slapping him in anger. The impolite behavior of teacher is seen by whole nation in the Viral Video.

When the boy reached home his face was in swallon state and seemed bit calm. Then his parents enquired from his friends that what was the actual matter. Parent of boy came to know the merciless act of teacher and informed the principal the same. Then they tend to check with CCTV camera footage and fired the teacher.

An FIR has been filed by station officer of PGI police station Brijesh Rai on teacher after being sorry to her deportment. The parents of the child were very upset with teacher and the management. Some patience is obviously expected from a primary school teacher as their profession is to deal with little children. Lack of Self-control can’t help a teacher to continue in their profession.

Parents send their children to study in school. They believe in the management that they will take care of their children and help then in good upbringing. Teachers in our country are prayed after parent as they take parents place to educate children and teach them a better way of living. When such acts from teachers are observed students will lose respect on them and parents will lose faith in them.


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