One gunman who is identified to be an Australian citizen shot at least 49 people on Friday at two Christchurch mosques. Shockingly enough, he dared to Livestream the tortured endowed upon the people, which finally lead to a lockdown of the city situated in New Zealand.

The terrified witness testified that the victims of that unfortunate attack were shot dead at a close distance. The list of victims also included women and children.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said “It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack,” she also mentioned that it marked “one of New Zealand’s darkest days”.

Arden contemplated that this was surely a well-planned attack which may have involved more than one person. She extended her support to the victims who survived the incident and yet were critically injured after the encounter.

It was later figured out that the gunman actually belonged from Australia. Shortly after, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison described him as a violent terrorist who planned to take down the lives of innocent citizens.

Although it is not clear about the number of people who were closely involved in this attack, the   Government has detained three people for further questioning.

At the scene of the crime, two explosive devices were found out by the military officers. One of the witnesses who hails from Palestine has confirmed that one of the victims was shot directly in the head. Another witness claimed to have heard three gunshots which were pulled very quickly, hence he wondered that it was an automatic gun as normally the guns don’t function that fast. Shortly after, people started running away from that area. Few of them were already hurt and covered in fresh blood. Following this, he also ran away from the crime scene.

There are videos of the crime scene which are getting viral across the social media, however, it is still not confirmed if the assassin had live streamed it or not.


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