Prakash Javadekar

Union HRD Minister (Human Resource Development) Prakash Javadekar announced that there are 40 percent vacancies of faculty members in both Central Universities and IITs. He said that the recruitment process needs to be done to bring out the qualified faculty members.

“We too can offer world class conveniences and infrastructure to the students here, but there are limitations. We do not have faculties. There are 40% vacant posts in the Central Universities and IITs,” the minister said.

He also added that “I have asked IIT councils to go abroad and contact our research students, who have gone there to seek further research and they too are ready to come back and serve the country.”

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According to the reports, all the research students are ready to come back, but the only problem is that the conducting of recruitment process which is troublesome in IITs and Central Universities. But to bring highly qualified faculties the government needs to focus more on the recruitment process.

Talking about establishing 20-World Class Universities, Prakash Javadekar said, “We will not give them the title of world class. They will have to earn it with the kind of roadmap they plan to become the world class universities. The category of 10 private and ten public sector institutes will be issued soon.”

“We will improve our quality for our students and with that improved education, we will also bring other students froma all over the world,” Javadekar added. The UGC Chairman Prof. Ved Prakash, NAAC Director Prof. D.S Chauhan, Symbiosis International University Chancellor Dr Divya Yeravdekar and others were present for the meeting.

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