It has just been a couple of months since Android 9 Pie released and the Google team already has another new version in its kitty. Google has its unique way of choosing names like Android Donut and Android Pie, but finally decided to ditch dessert names for its operating systems. Android 10, which was formally called Android Q, is the latest in its lineup. Here are a few things that you should know about Android Q (Android 10) OS. 

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a thrilling additional feature to the new android version. This feature reduces the consumption of the battery. Users can peacefully use their devices for a longer period of time. When this feature is enabled, all the supported apps change to ‘dark theme’.    


iOS already contains this particular feature; now Android has also incorporated it, which means there’s a head-on competition between these two operating systems. Users are authorized to change the permission settings of every individual application. The settings can be customized by the user.

Notification Access

Android Q has an update in notification settings as well. The notifications will continue to reside on the screen unless you swipe them. If you want to open the icons, swipe left and swipe right to remove them. The notifications won’t disappear even if the device restarts. 

Desktop Feature 

Apparently, Android Q has a similar feature to that of Samsung’s desktop mode. This feature will be very useful for the users and enhance their experience as well.

Apart from these features, Android Q also offers multi resume feature, improved treble support, rebuild android sharing menu and more.


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