There are a variety of iPhone accessories that are available in the market. Having the right accessories will enhance your smartphone by making it multifunctional. If you are an iPhone owner, these are a few accessories you can possess for better usage of your phone. 

Apple AirPods

This is probably an accessory that every iPhone user would want. Airpods are connected to the phone through Bluetooth. As it is wireless, people love to opt for this over the regular earphones that Apple provides along with purchase of an iPhone. These AirPods have some cool features. They can detect if they are placed inside the ear or not and when you remove it, the music automatically pauses. Apple airpods also support Apple assistant Siri, which is a very helpful feature.

Wireless Charging Pad

Owning a wireless charging pad for an iPhone will keep you away from the hustle and bustle you have to deal with all the wires for your iPhone. The only catch here is that wireless charging is supported only for iPhone 8 and above. Usually, Apple provides a 5W brick adapter with a USB cable for charging the iPhone. Having a wireless 7.5W wireless charger will not only charge your phone faster but also eliminate the complications that come with a USB cable. 

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is a very powerful smartwatch that possesses a wide range of features. This watch comes in a 40-mm and a 44-mm size variant. Its new software is updated with an ECG feature, which is present in the heart rate tracker. It tests irregular heartbeat patterns, which may lead to certain circumstances of risk. This safety measure is very useful. It also comes with many fitness-related features and certainly prove to be better than Apple Watch Series 3. The speakers on this device are comparatively better than the previous one. This is a very useful and must-have accessory for iPhone users as this will definitely enhance their productivity. 

Camera lenses

If you are a photographer and use an iPhone, you definitely know how good its camera is. Owning an external camera lens as an additional accessory is always a bonus. So, owning a nice lens kit will help you capture better pictures and it can definitely be considered as a must-have accessory. 

These are the four accessories that an iPhone user must have to bring out the best from his or her iPhone.


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