You probably wouldn’t be aware of iPhone’s advanced features hidden below its polished surface. This is definitely great news for all the iPhone users. It’s time to discover new things about your phone. Here are some hacks and tricks that you probably didn’t know about:

Activating Do Not Disturb

For those who do not want to be interrupted by notifications when they’re in a meeting, iOS 12 has an option to activate ‘Do Not Disturb’. You will need the Shortcuts app for this. Then, all you need to do is enter your specified number of minutes and the Do Not Disturb would be enabled up to that time. You could design a programmable ‘Do Not Disturb’ shortcut.

Lock Screen

We all know that iPhone’s lock screen is simple and sticks to audio controls and notifications. Want to save some time by directly opening the apps without searching? There is a simple swipe and tap trick. Swipe from left to right on the lock so that a new screen shows up where all the shortcuts reside. There is a list of widgets for apps that displays shortcuts to tasks and bits of information. You can also add new options by tapping on ‘edit’. Download the Launcher widget and add it on the widgets screen where your top four shortcuts would appear. Tap on to ‘show more’ to welcome other four shortcuts. 

Convert Any Document into PDF

On an iPhone, it is easier to turn anything that you can print into a PDF. You can go to the app to choose print option and use 3D touch. This would convert the document into a PDF version. On tapping the share button, you can save it to another app.

Notification Light

There are a couple of phones that have notification lights. You cannot customize this for different notifications. These steps would help you to enable your notification lights: 

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Choose ‘LED flash for alerts’

Whenever you get a notification, your camera’s LED would light up.

It doesn’t stop with these; there are many more tricks that you could uncover. Try and unlock those additional powers of your iPhone.


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