Airpods are the new trend amongst the iPhone users. In spite of having a 24-hour battery life, easy pairing method and a good rapport with Android phones, they aren’t ideal. Here are some of the airpod hacks that you can try right away.   

More Bass

This hack is one of everybody’s favorites. This is an inexpensive process and can be easily done at your home. It just takes an eyeglass repair screwdriver, some foam covers and a lighter. This not only improves the fit but also raises the bass level of your airpods. And guess what? It’s just a two hour hack. 

Conserve Battery Life

This is definitely not the most convenient method, but it’s worth the try. If you’re travelling or wish to finish your favorite series audio books in a day, then charge your airpods simultaneously while reading. You can use one while the other airpod charges and vice versa. Switch them as per your wish. This will increase your airpod’s listening time. They are designed in such a way that both the sides of audio would be playing through only one ear piece when the other one is charging.

Switch to a Wireless Charger

Apple had promised wireless charging airpods in 2018. However, there is an easy and inexpensive hack to turn an airpod case into a wireless charger. You will need a wireless charging receiver, which will cost less than $20. You can also buy a case cover (silicone) to secure the receiver.  

Disable Ear Detection 

The automatic ear detection concept is confusing to many. It is supposed to automatically turn on when one is using it and turn off when it’s been put away. The trick to switch off the automatic ear detection is to open ‘settings’, click on ‘Bluetooth’ and select ‘airpods’. Disable the toggle that is next to ‘automatic ear detection’ to deactivate the feature. 

Apart from these hacks, you can also try to reset your airpods in order to stop the battery drain. It’s not always about the investment but about how wisely and cleverly you use your products as well.


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