Before we find out the three gadgets that you must have for a smart home, let’s first know what a smart home really is. A smart home is a living space with all devices connected through the internet for easy and comfortable access. These smart home devices can be accessed through voice rather than manually operating it. Now let’s find out the 3 must-have gadgets to make a simple home a smart home. 

Smart Speaker 

Smart speaker is a wireless device that is connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has an inbuilt voice control, which can be used for many functions. Initially smart speakers were used to play audio from a music library of user’s device. Now, it performs various functions. Users can now interact with the smart speaker as it is developed with Artificial Intelligence and listens to your commands. The most popular smart speakers are Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Security Camera

Previously, security cameras just used to record videos and display the video to us when we had to see it. The advancement in technology has led to smart security cameras, which have a two way interaction setup with audio recording. It also has night vision for comfortable recording in the dark. The smart camera can be connected to your mobile and you can watch what is happening at home on your mobile phone. With the help of smart cameras, you can monitor everything that is happening at home even when you are far away from home. Netgear Arlo Q and Logical Circle 2 perform very well as a smart security camera.

Smart Lighting

Going a few years behind, a classic 60-watt bulb was in use and to increase the brightness we would use a 100-watt bulb. Technology improved and we switched from these classic bulbs to LED bulbs due to the efficiency issues. Nowadays, smart bulbs are in trend because they have certain smart functions, which the previous LED or LCD bulbs lacked. These smart bulbs can be controlled over a phone and they have an option to change colors and adapt from a minimum to a maximum brightness according to your needs. These are not just smart but also very efficient and can last up to 15 years. 

Switching to these gadgets will make your simple home a smart and comfortable place to live in.


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