2018 Hyundai Azera

Leading automobile manufacturer Hyundai unveiled a pair of teaser sketches which gives the preview of all-new Azera sedan. The sixth generation of Azera is all set to go on for sale in South Korea from November. The company has confirmed its presence in the progressing sedan market. The teaser sketches imply the new Azera looks much improved than the present generation.

All new Azera falls in Hyundai’s lineup with new design language which includes sharp headlights, sculpted hood beside the cascading grille observed few weeks ago on the Hyudai i30 hatchback. The device carries few styling elements like belt-line creases from the current model. The upscale treatment in the earlier models continues to take place with a gently sloping roof and LED tail lamps.

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The outer profile of the Azera is more formal and significantly different. The new model implements a latest version of Hyundai’s new corporate grille, along with a long hood and more vertical windshield. The long flowing character lines give a muscular appearance.

Coming to back profile, the Azera gets a latest version of the full width taillights which the model has since the nameplate’s introduction two generations ago. Few changes were also observed in the Azera inside, new interior facilitates an instrument panel emphasizes width instead of downward flowing dash of the previous model. The dark top portion and the lighter lower section is adjusted between the two halves of the dash.

Stats, pricing or availability for the new Azera are yet to be revealed by Hyundai excluding it’s aforementioned launch date in South Korea. However, more details will be out ahead of US launch.


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