14 year old Teen Harshal

Mysore: An unfortunate incident took place in Mysore, Karnataka today. The land became like a fireball, and a 14-year-old boy who stepped on it died due to burns. This bizarre situation occurred on the outskirts of Mysore in Belavadi village. A boy sustained the injuries but died in hospital receiving the treatment while his friend Manoj got severely injured. They took him to K.R.Hospital in Mysore, and the doctors said that he is out of danger now.

Harshal is the 14-year-old son of Murthy and Janaki, residents of Kyatanahalli in Karnataka. On 14th of this month, he went out with his four friends. As the land there was burning like fire in a particular area, they tried to enter into that and placed his feet. But he fell immediately screaming. Though his friends sought to rescue him, Harshal got dumped into it and burned. His severely burned body was taken out and taken to the hospital by his friends.

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His family members reached the hospital. Harshal’s friend Manoj also was injured and taken to the hospital. Harshal breathed his last while receiving the treatment. His devastated family members filed a case that they won’t cremate his body until they receive the compensation.

There is a 4-acre land in the outskirts of Kyatanahalli belonging to Somanna, a resident of Kumbara Koppal. A particular area of that land started burning like fire. Anyone who steps on it will be dragged down and burned. Scientists proved that this is a chemical reaction which happens due to the chemical reactions occurred there because of the wastes. The area is very molten and always burning. The area would look like a red fireball when seen at night times.

Like so many dogs, sheep which went that way died, the nearby people complained about it, but no action was taken. As a boy died due to burns there, the police declared the area as a dangerous zone. They put a board on this field not to enter the area. Some scientists are still conducting some experiments on it.

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Prabhakar, a researcher, stated that it was because of the chemical wastes in that area. Tahsildar Ramesh Babu claimed that he would take further responsibility. The area became like that because of the chemical wastes released from the nearby industries and hospitals. So he said that he would take serious legal actions on them.

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