126 feet Ambedkar Statue

MLA Nakka Ananda Babu, announced that they are planning to build a 126 feet Ambedkar statue. For this, Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu will lay the foundation this Friday. MLA Nakka Ananda Babu recently talked about this in an interview. He stated that Telugu Desam Party will always follow the lead of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. To commemorate the social reformer B.R.Ambedkar, Chief Minister decided to build this statue.

In our capital city, the 20 acres of an area between Ayinavolu and Sakhamaruru the statue works are going on. On Friday at 11 am Chief Minister Chandra Babu will visit the place and lay the foundation, and followed by an open gathering. The place is going to become a landmark soon as Smrithivanam.

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A huge budget of Rs.97.64 crores is collected to build the Srmrithivanam. For the foundation ceremony, 25 Buddist monks from 25 Buddist centers will attend, and the soil will be brought from Mhow village in Madhya Pradesh where Ambedkar was born, some soil from Parliament and also from other regions like Jaggayapeta, Battiprolu, etc.

There is also going to be a meditation center and convention center and much more in Smrithivanam. Nakka Ananda Babu said that Telugu Desam Party will always work for the development of lower castes. He remembered the time when NTR was ruling the state and Ambedkar got the Bharat Ratna award and how they put the picture of Ambedkar in the parliament etc. A minimum of 40000 people is estimated to attend this 126 feet Ambedkar statue foundation ceremony on Friday.

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