GST Effect

Indefinite strike over GST: Nearly 1,100 theaters in and around Tamil Nadu are on indefinite strike over GST. After the GST which was passed on the midnight of June 30, the Cinema hall owners have to tax of nearly 58%. This 58% tax composes of GST tax of 28% and 30%tax which is imposed by municipal cooperation.

The manager of a local theater, Ramasamy said to reporters “Under the GST, the government charge is 28%, and the corporation charge is 30% which totals to a whopping 58% of tax. This is exorbitant, and we cannot run with this tax structure. We cannot run the theaters.”

Tamil Nadu theaters have also halted the advance booking of tickets for this week. On Saturday that is on July 1st, Tamil Nadu film community along with the South Indian industries, sent a notification to the Central Government, requesting to put the regional cinemas in the “least slab.”

Tamil Nadu film producers president, Vishal also stated that they had asked the finance and Centre Government Minister to put the least slab tax on the regional movies.  The next chunk of tax on non regional films and the highest piece of tax on the foreign language films. He also added that by doing this the viewership would not be affected.

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Meanwhile, the film producers are against strike especially Vijay and R.Kannan. “Ivan Thanthiran” my new has hit the screens on June 30, and this ban would kill my movie, said R.Kannan. Vanamagan movie produced by Vijay is currently running and have just entered the second week, even then he has the same plea similar to R.Kannan.

However, GST will make India one with its conventional procedures and rate taxes. GST will also remove all the financial barriers. GST is mostly technology driven and will reduce the interface of humans. With the help of GST, the business can be done without any effort in India.

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