In the recent times, there are four similar train mishaps occurred across the country along with the Hirakhand Express train accident. A few weeks ago, a goods train left its track at Wihirgaon station on Kazipet-Balharshah section causes a significant disruption.

According to the reports, the railway authorities are checking the possibilities of Saturday’s Hirakhand Express train mishap which is the fifth accident in the last six months. Being the result of damage, the number of vacant rail safety staff posts shows a clear state of neglect and lack of interest.

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However, there are 1.42 vacant rail safety staff posts remain unfilled throughout the country which is a major concern and clearly shows the officials negligence. The retired senior official from SCR said, “The pressure on crucial safety staff remained very high over the years, and this also been pointed out in various internal reports over the years.”

He also added, while higher-ups in the Ministry might be awaiting the assistance of technology before filling vacant posts, the automatic anti-collision device tested previously does not seem very promising. The posts need to fill up immediately.” As per the officials, apart from massive vacant rail safety staff posts, the existing staff work is under sub-standard conditions.

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Upon the sanctioned 6,398 engineering staff posts, the officials filled only 4,827 posts, and the remaining 1,571 positions are still vacant in the East Coast Railway zone. Apart from this, there are 67 security posts, 613 in electrical local running and 93 in signal & telecom are to fill. As per the details of Railway Board, the South Central Railway zone has over 10,000 vacancies in safety staff section.

The divisional secretary of SCR Mazdoor Union, K Shivakumar said, “With such high vacancies in critical posts, mishaps are bound to happen. Signalling staff, Engineering staff and even loco pilots are frequently working 20- 24 hours straight due to vacant positions.”